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We actively accept guest post submissions on our blog with the aim to cater to the needs of a global audience. Also, we want to thank you for your interest in writing for us . If you are the one who love to think and contribute, then you are at the right spot. But do remember you must have good skills and content writing strategies too. However if you are beginner then our suggestion is to seek some thoughts from forbes or wikipedia too.


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If you’re using screenshots, videos, and images, you can also send us with the article content. When it gets approved by our quality team we’ll schedule a date for posting. Once it is posted we’ll share a live published link with you and also promote your content on our social media channels. If you are eager to contribute high-quality, genuine, and plagiarism-free blog posts, you can get this wonderful opportunity to submit a guest post with us. Emerging trends, the latest gadgets, and interesting news are a few of the topics that tech blogs publish. If you enjoy geeky things like me, pitch one of the following technology sites to gain exposure as a writer.

You can write for us technology, finance, business, future tech blogs. After the introduction of smartphones and handy gadgets number of blogs and website visitors are increasing frequently as compared to past. Earlier individuals who have will to write used to only share content via newspaper or local platform approach. But now after introduction of blogging writers and content contributors feel ease to share their ideas in the form of a quality content.

You can read the submission guidelines here for more information. It has a very high domain authority, so a backlink from them would give your site a huge boost. It’s a website dedicated to helping people eat healthier, learn delicious recipes, and teach them about the benefits of eating vegan. The Wonder of Tech is run by Carolyn Mohr and is dedicated to both tech lovers and haters. Carolyn has been a huge fan of technology for the last 20 years, inspiring the creation of her website. TechRepublic is a publication that helps the lives of technology professionals become easier through tips, news, and trends.

Not only are you building a relationship with the blog host but also their audience. Increase Exposure— Guest posting on a variety of sites increase your exposure which can lead to more opportunities and relationship building. The article should not promote any kind of Service or Product and/or Review of the same. However, if you want to post a product or service review, please contact us via our adverts page, we do collaborate with such brands for sponsored reviews. We strictly dealt with such content & Guest Bloggers. We suspend collaboration with such bloggers even for any future opportunities.

Include a link to your Website and your social media profile in the google doc. To help you traverse the article, below is the table of contents. Reading Sections A to D should tell you if our blog is a good fit for you.

Your information will not just be infront of your eyes but right in front of your globe, and you will notice the popularity of your article. FinalBoss is committed to high-quality and curated content. We’re a trusted name in the tech and entertainment industry, having worked to promote major brands like EA and Ubisoft. Our goal is to provide valuable content that our audience loves. When you submit a guest post to our technology blog, you’re gaining access to a platform that cares about quality. Anew Traveller accepts guest posts but advises you first read their previous content to get an idea of what topics they publish.

We’re looking for writers who can help us share our passion for technology. If you’ve got a strong interest in technology and a knack for writing, we’d love to hear from you. Our goal is to help people understand the most interesting aspects of technology, and we’re looking for writers who can help us do that.

Their goal with content, courses, and other resources is to teach readers valuable information. You will need to be an excellent writer and submit an impressive pitch to get onto this revered website. If you’re an expert on any of these topics, you can read their submission guidelineshere.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of websites that accept guest posts, so you can begin skyrocketing your SEO. Inbound Links— Links are a fantastic way to increase website traffic and SEO. Get high-quality links by guest posting good content to relevant blogs. Every SEO expert works to get powerful backlinks because you cannot build your website authority without backlinks. Whenever you publish guest posts on other websites, you earn some powerful backlinks. Guest posting also known as guest blogging means as the name suggests, here you write and submit articles to other’s websites related to your field to increase your audience.