Wood Slice DIY keychain Craft- personalised gifts for kids to make!

Seal the surface of each side of the wood slices with a multipurpose sealer. Repeat with different words or patterns on the back of the wood slice. We went with arrows to give us some direction in our travels 🙂 . Carefully hand letter a word onto the center of the wood slice using a pencil.

Whether it is their hairstyling or dresses, tassel adds a good chunk to it. If you want to re-design your old handbag and give it an astonishing touch, adding up a tassel keychain would work cool. You can use a single color tassel or add multiple to give a trendy touch. Adding up some glass beads is yet another way to sparkle it up with a binky shine.

I am loving this geometric DIY puzzle piece keychain. It is a unique and truly one-of-a-kind work of art. This one is actually a good Valentine’s day gift for your other half. These stunning keepsake keychains are not just beautiful but also meaningful.

Here’s another leather keychain that you can DIY all on your own. Visit Thanks, I Made It to discover all of the details. Ginger Snaps utilizes small how much is aveda institute tuition plastic animals in such an adorable way! Add some color and then hook them on a ring to create something charming for your necessary keys.

The best part is that you can always add more elements like flowers, trees, windows, and so on. You can make a chapstick holder keychain like this one so that you can always keep your lips moisturized and soft. This is a perfect cushion for your chapsticks. Have a place to jot down those genius ideas and moments by having a tiny book attached to your keychain that can be used as a diary to notepad. How does a bit of luck hanging on your keyring sound? Think Craft has everything you need to know when making a lucky penny keychain for anyone you love or needs the extra bit of karma.

Using the Mod Podge, brush a layer on top of the painted circle. Place the craft paper on top and then brush another layer over that. I can’t believe the time has already arrived for backpacks, school supplies, and the end of summer.

Resin CraftsA great alternative to a framed photo, this personalizable gift perfectly captures the memories of a shared road trip or vacation. Paste a recognizable bit of map into a pendant, then seal with resin for a professional finish. Megan Graney is a crafting expert, art teacher, and writer who shares her knowledge of DIY painting, furniture refinishing, and sewing. She has almost a decade of hands-on experience and has been writing about crafts for five years. Especially for car or bike lovers, these miniatures of their favorite cars and bikes can be a good treat.

This one is an inexpensive and easy craft idea that you should certainly try out. This one is my favorite DIY keychain on this list. It is aesthetically pleasing and has such a Bohemian vibe. Macrame keyrings are easy and quick; these are perfect for birthday gifts or even surprise gifts.

Grab a cheap bag of plastic animal toys , select your species, coat with metallic spray paint and secure to a keyring with an eye screw. It is the most unique form of personalizing a keychain for your close one. You can find it as a great substitute for the photo frame style of the keychain. Any common road trip or a memorable vacation can behold on with a resin may keychain. For this, you need a bit of a map and affix it inside a valuable pendant. After locating the map that is a piece of very special memory for you; seal it up with the help of a resin.

These personalized acrylic keychains are super inexpensive and effortless. This paracord keychain is an excellent handmade gift idea. This fun craft is perfect for older kids and even adults. It will only take a few minutes to make one of these colorful paracord keychains. Once the paint has dried your wood slice is ready for drawing on. We chose to draw pictures of the people that these keychains were being made for, but you could really draw anything!