Women’s Real Estate Investors Network Masterclass

Not only did I realize I was under eating and under weight, I realized that my mindset and self doubt was getting in the way of me achieving my goals…both in running and in life. She isn’t afraid to give you a “kick in the pants” if it is needed. I would recommend Angelica to anyone who wants a more personalized life coach. The group she has created is AWESOME and can’t imagine where I would be today with her and the group. Honestly the best decision I have ever made for myself. Angelica is the real deal and does not sugar coat anything.

My energy increased and my brain fog went away, and I learned about macros and how to track them. If you need help and support to get to your fitness goals, this is the place for you. Since founding her firm in 2002, Kim has helped her clients understand how they want to present themselves, their business, or their nonprofit, and then make sure they are seen exactly that way by their target audience. She does this with the power of design and branding, both online and in the real, physical world. She is active in the community both personally and professionally. You might have met her at Shift/Co (co-founder and DFW Chapter Leadership Team), Conscious Capitalism, Creative Mornings, American Institute of Graphic Artists, Lakewood Area Women in Business, or East Dallas Networking.

Tresa would share her journey with Dallas real estate markets and how it has contributed to making her investments grow exponentially over the years. Everyone she meets and every project she undertakes, such as working on a new rental real estate or flipping houses, Tresa brings an inspirational and personal charm to each one of them. She loves to share her experience and knowledge with other women on a variety of topics to empower them. ProbatesDaily.com is very excited to bring in Tresa Todd-Lugten to host their latest monthly webinar on April. Tresa is a native from West Texas who served in the medical industry for a considerable period. After spending more than 25 years in this field she started considering her retirement options and realized the importance of planning a new path for her future ahead.

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I have been working with coach Angelica for a little over 6 months. While most people would consider the 30 pounds I’ve lost to be the most notable aspect of my journey with her so far, that’s the least of it . I regret spending all that time, energy, and money on fad diets, miracle pills, etc. These tresa todd reviews last couple months I have seen results in my body and more importantly in my mindset. It will be missing if you miss a major shopping day like Halloween Sale at CouponUpto. All the most exclusive Halloween coupons at RealEstateInvestor.com are listed and updated continuously before Halloween arrives.

Tracy lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband and four children. She has been a real estate investor for 20 years and is a public speaker. Tracy enjoys outreach, reading, relaxing spas and nature walks. On the fun side, she enjoys living life to its fullest remembering to let the little girl inside come out and play. As founder and CEO of Conscious Leaders LLC, Lori Darley brings nearly two decades of experience as a transformational coach and consultant to the conscious business movement. Lori believes that within the heart of everyone lives a creative genius, and that each of us yearns to connect authentically with one another so we can make a positive difference in the world.

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