What Is a Guest Post? A Beginner’s Guide

Depending on the blog, some may require sending the entire article from the beginning instead of pitching some ideas. Be sure to check the guest post guidelines before proceeding to this step. Use them as a starting point for the brainstorming session. To discover guest blogging opportunities on other websites, enter the search strings below. Make sure to replace “keyword” with a phrase or term related to the industry.

A blog about web and product design with over 400,000+ followers. POPSUGAR. This blog is looking for beauty product reviews and tutorials as well as clothing recommendations. A business blog for professionals working in medium-sized to enterprise-level B2C and B2B companies.

It explains what he does without being overtly promotional and features his website link contextually. He also mentions the number of his blog readers to add credibility. If you need some references, Databox has a great list of best blog headline examples. Or, just head over to Zyro’s AI blog title generator – it can come up with some ideas based on a given keyword. Once an idea gets accepted, it’s time to write the content. Keep in mind that not all sites include information about guest contributions.

What is the general goal users want to achieve by reading the content? Make sure to cover their most pressing questions about the topic. Pick an idea that can demonstrate your expertise. Telling readers about a personal experience, success, and mistakes can make the article much more credible and original. Guest posting allows tapping into other blogs’ audiences – which can lead to higher referral traffic and even conversions.


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We will review the guest post and we can discuss how we proceed from here. First, we have committed readers, and great social media following, so you can be guaranteed that they’re people who will eagerly read your write-up. Your message will reach the right people.

Fix any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes to show you’re a professional. Also, have the correct contact information. Send the pitch to the person responsible for the editorial content, not the customer service, advertising, or other general inquiries. It’s also good to read their most popular content to see what works with the audience. SEO tools like Ubersuggest can help with discovering the most visited pages of any site. We publish on a wide variety of topics related to Health care, Medicine, Guides, Resources, credible news & Health Technology .

They have been there for me, when I was way off the grid, so since they are my friends, they don’t even have to pitch. They send me a post I am publishing it. If you’re nervous or if you’ve got questions about finding opportunities, coming up with ideas and pitching your post, just leave a comment below. I blog at and I’ve also written for [any other blogs you’ve guest posted on, if applicable]. So, you’ve realised that guest posting has loads of benefits for you and your blog, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Send me an email if you have any questions about guest blogging.

Please review our Guest Post Blog to see copies of blogs we have posted in the past. I pretty much used the tactic that you shared. However, I took the time to run the titles through the CoSchedule Headline analyzer. Next I took a screenshot of the high score I came up with. As someone with his own blog in the Online Freelance area trying to grow it, it can be difficult to do so for another blog.