What happened to Brandon Hatmaker, the ex-husband of Jen Hatmaker? Where is he now? Web Series

Several issues of Christianity Today have included her in their coverage. In 2015, the couple along with their kids appeared on the showYour Big Family Renovationwhich aired on HGTV. The Hatmaker family worked on fixing and renovating homes. Prior to this, the Hatmaker family appeared onMy Big Family Renovationwhich documented as the Hatmaker family set up their home from the ground up. Jen is also a bestselling author of books likeFor the Love, Of Mess and Moxie.Her latest book isFierce, Free and Full of Fire. When news of Jen and Brandon’s split hit the internet, many fans speculated that the latter might have cheated on the author.

Whenever someone points out against her children, Jen is quick to defend them whenever necessary. Discussion of Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis, Heidi Powell, and co. Posts are only deleted for spam, death threats, harassment campaigns against the Hollises, or LGBTQIA-phobic content- but no snark is off-limits besides that. Please check the existing threads before posting a new thread on the same topic!

He admits his faults, clearly, and has struggled a lot over the past years. Should we assume that his ex-wife was a total saint and victim over this period? I know in my first marriage and many, many of my friends and families divorces that it’s rarely a one person is the devil situation.

The NGO advocates against racism and child trafficking and give the needy sustainable housing and quality health care. Jen also revealed that her daughter Sydney is gay and came under fire after calling for inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community in the church. The couple was ridiculed by sections of the church when their daughter Sydney came out as gay.

Brandon is also a philanthropist and Social Entrepreneur. Hatmaker is pastor of Austin New Church , co-founder of Restore Austin, and a missional strategist with Missio. Brandon Hatmaker is living a comfortable life is dominique sachse getting a divorce with his family. Thanks to the fame and fortune he has achieved over time. His total net worth is about $5 million US dollars as of 2021. She was also a vocal critic of Donald Trump and his evangelical supporters.

Jen and Brandon were the co-founders of their church and former reality show presenters. Not only that, but with her ex-husband, Brandon, Jen co-founded a new church in Texas known as Austin New Church. Jen, a church board member, is responsible for headlining events that benefit women, such as parenting, adoption, and various social service ministries.