Training Slow Pitch Softballs: ATEC Pitching Machine Balls

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Atec is the name of a baseball used in the sport of baseball. As a child I often watched the game at my parent’s house on my Dad’s old TV. It is a ball with a white rubber surface and a white rubber rim around it.

Compact and portable, the R2 rotates freely while in use, empowering coaches to quickly pivot and train multiple fielders at different positions. Atec HI. Per LTD Training Compression Baseballs 4 seam vs 2 seam fastball are sold by the dozen. Regulation Baseball size designed for pre-game warm up and limited space training. Proprietary Tactile Surface Texturing for increased grip and accuracy.

The pitcher has to throw the ball high and hard, and then the ball comes out of the pitcher’s mound at a 90-degree angle. The pitcher then throws the ball back to the pitcher, who uses the same kind of spin on the ball to get it back into the pitcher’s mound. Kodiak Sports is an industry leader in the baseball, sports flooring, rubber flooring and artificial turf industry. With over 14 years of experience, Kodiak has built a solid reputation manufacturing the best turf and rubber in the industry. I know I am, and it has to do with the feeling of inadequacy. You may think you’re a long way off the best pitcher in all of baseball, but you might be wrong.

The proprietary high-visibility color ensures better tracking as balls approach players. Sting-Blocking construction eliminates handle vibration and is safe to use with performance bats, so players can prepare for game play. This type of ball is much better at producing a real curve when used with pitching machines that throw curves.

12 Inch Lite Softballs – Made of durable polyurethane, these balls have a dimpled design, allowing them to travel faster than the heavier real balls with pinpoint accuracy. Hard Lite Balls – Made of hard, durable polyurethane, these balls have a dimpled design, allowing them to travel faster and more accurately than any other type of ball. This ball is what we call a “pitching machine ball.” It is based on the way that a baseball is pitched, and can help the pitcher throw a perfect straight baseball.

Each of our pitching machines has been carefully selected from large variety of brands because they combine capability, quality and price. We do not offer or sell pitching machines that are low quality. Kodiak Sports sells and installs commercial batting cages with commercial grade pitching machines from Sports Tutor, Sports Attack, MasterPitch, Iron Mike, Bata, Atec and others. A pitching machine is basically a ball with a ball attached to it.