The Prose Community Shares Their Hair Stories

The volume was extremely noticeable, and someone even commented that my hair had a lot of body when I went to dinner that night—and that’s when you know. Curly hair needs special care, and if you have kinks, curls, or coils, you are fully aware. Revolutionary hair care brand, Prose, has been around for a few years and provides products aimed to care for all hair types. The fact that Prose products are designed with your exact needs in mind is the main thing that sets it apart from other hair product lines on the market. Unlike other brands, which use a single formula for all customers, Prose targets your specific hair goals, needs, and concerns. I’ll note here in my Prose hair care review that you shouldn’t wash your hair daily.

If you’d rather your products be silicone-free, you can specify that in your consultation. Though I don’t think I need to say it at this point, I think their products are worth the buy. Any product that is made completely from natural ingredients, by people who are paid apple cider vinegar to lighten dyed hair fair wages, by a brand that uses sustainable practice is also going to be on the costly side. If you’re new to the brand, you can activate your subscription to Prose products at checkout. If you’ve bought Prose before, you’ll need to access your Prose sign-in page.

Your body’s first line of defense, the natural oils produced by your scalp, aren’t able to navigate the entire length of waves and curls. They get stuck part way down the strand, leaving the ends of your hair without protection. When you look at the ingredients and ethical sustainability, Prose’s products are well worth the price.

I appreciate that they’re tailored to the customer’s hair type. My hair felt fresh, my curls were bouncy and the smell was great. As time went by, though, it’s almost like my hair got used to it, and I found it didn’t give it enough of a boost to justify the price. The reality is that no two heads of curls, coils or waves are the same.

After washing and styling my hair for the first time, I noticed how much more full and manageable my hair was. It’s safe to say that the first impression was a good one. When it comes to manifesting the hair of your dreams, having a one-size-fits-all solution isn’t always the move.