The Best Curl Cream for All of Your Styling Needs

So I opted to have their water-soluble version of PEG-7 dimethicone. My guess is the silicone is what made my shampoo detangling a hassle-free process. By the end of our respective runs with Prose, we were both, coincidentally, due for salon appointments—we each got a haircut and color, which always makes you feel fresh and silky-maned. When I returned to Prose, my feelings about the products were mostly unchanged. The mask was perfect for me, and the shampoo and conditioner were just alright, no better or worse than stuff I was picking up before. Unfortunately, neither of us saw the shampoo and conditioner doing that kind of work.

Now, the Prose shampoo will lather a little , but I was still crossing my fingers and gritting my teeth as I worked it through my hair in hopes it could actually get the job done. Lo and behold, as I rinsed it out, I could tell that it felt clean, but not that fake, “squeaky” clean that feels satisfying in the moment but ultimately can strip and dehydrate your strands. Sure enough, after just one go-round with the shampoo and once my hair was dry, it was completely clean, fluffy, shiny, and smooth, without a trace of buildup or oil. This is the first sulfate-free shampoo that I’ve ever deemed as effective as a regular one.

It took a persistent beauty editor at a previous job to convince me that surely, if I found the right products, I would learn to love my natural curls. Once my hair was fully dried, I could feel just how soft the conditioner and mask made my ends. Because of color treatments, my ends tend to be super dry and straw-like, but the Prose products breathed moisture back into them.” This is a product I’ve been using for years, and no matter how many leave-in formulas I try, nothing ever seems to compare.

Give your hair an extra boost of hydration and shine with this Leave-In Conditioner. Simply spritz in hair before, or after, your regular shower routine for smoother, more manageable hair. The special formula works to add definition to your curl pattern and gives a light hold without a stiff finish. We’re protective styles for sleeping squeezing more into our days than ever before, leaving our hair to fall limp by the wayside. One review describes how hair suffers photodamage when exposed to UV rays, such as degradation of hair proteins and discoloration. The use of sunscreen protects the hair cuticle and prevents photodamage.

If you buy something through our link, we may earn a commission from the retailer or it may be a product that we produce or promote through one of our affiliated companies. I’m a comb girl through and through, and I’ve found it’s the single best way to detangle my breakage-prone strands with the least amount of damage and fallout. Any comb will do, but this Dyson one has been my go-to (even when I’m not heat-styling).

As I learned from the Facebook page, most people who start the Curly Girl Method are coming into it with years of hair damage, so it can take many months to fully repair. For the first couple weeks, my hair was greasy, flat, and never felt clean. I felt like maybe I was getting some extra curl, but I resorted to a ponytail every day to distract from the grease.

Now I feel like I have more control over my hair and how my texture turns out. And not only do my waves look more defined, but I’m even starting to notice a few ringlets. Prose pre-shampoo mask, shampoo, and conditioner can be adjusted and sent to you free of charge, or you can return your product for a full refund.