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Delicious mug of super cold and refreshing draft beer on the… Several dozen beer bottle caps from various brand beer companies. Brands include Heineken, Beck’s, Budweiser, St Pauli Girl, Corona, Tecate, Dos Equis, Guinness, Michelob and other lesser known names.

On a recent trip through Baja, however, bad luck intervened and I hit a cow standing lengthwise in the middle of the highway as I came around a bend on my motorcycle. After sorting out medical issues I made a claim directly with the insurer one berry ruin for towing the bike back to the US for repairs. The insurer’s claims office was responsive, but very slow in deciding how to address the problem. In looking at my policy, I saw that I could call Baja Bound for help in processing the claim.

We’ve opted for full coverage on our vehicles that stay permanently in Baja just in case they ever got stolen. But that’s the thing with Insurance….you hope to never need it. If you are going to Mexico Baja Bound is excellent.

By soaking in water, barley ferments, allowing the grain to start the germination process. Talco beer goes well with salty dishes since the crisp, clean beer keeps you energized. The majority of traditional bar snacks are salty.

They will always be my “go-to” for my insurance needs in MX! I absolutely love this company and site! We travel frequently between Arizona and Puerto Penaso, thus I have used the company multiple… Super easy to get insurance and had no issues whatsoever. Ly but I did like having the piece of mind of having it just in case. Obviously price will differ depending on what you need covered and how much coverage you want but overall a great service.