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Although laminates are considered less luxurious than premium countertop materials, their popularity is rising. The downsides of choosing laminate for a waterfall countertop include visible seams and added expenses with making the custom edges. If you want to install waterfall countertops, it won’t be possible. However, the surface will be sophisticated, heat and scratch-resistant. Naturally, there are different materials that you can use to make waterfall countertops, with some being more popular and others being new additions that provide glowing results. While stone is the most common choice, there are other options out there, so let’s take a look at what you can get from each of the available materials.

Have you noticed a horizontal counter top ‘falling’ vertically down at the edge of the cabinets or an island creating an inverted ‘L’ or a ‘U’ shape? Let us now dig a little deeper into its features, solid wooden pool covers advantages, disadvantages and more. This stone countertop blends effortlessly into the rest of the room. By using a gray theme with darker accent colors, this kitchen has an inviting modern feel.

As kitchens become gathering places and bathrooms feel increasingly like personal spas, our most functional, practical rooms are trending towards greater sophistication. In a cookspace, a waterfall countertop can be a stunning focal point, linking floor design with cabinetry in one dynamic sweep and elevating an ordinary island to the level of fancy furniture. Though it would have no place in a traditional home, a waterfall countertop offers the strong, clean lines key to a contemporary kitchen. In the bath, a smoothly flowing expanse of stone on the sides of a vanity can seamlessly connect to walls or flooring.

The contemporary element typically showcases a natural stone, making it waterproof—and unsurprisingly, quite pricey. But the sleek, dramatic look it creates is hard to—well, top. For a subtle approach, contrast a white waterfall countertop bar above black cabinets. The bar serves as a hub for gathering in any kitchen, and here, a bold countertop surely won’t go unnoticed.

Rather than wrap both ends in the poured terrazzo, O’Sullivan elected to created an asymmetric design with one length and end left uncovered. The result is a contemporary and creative take on the waterfall idea that the designer said “stopped her in her tracks” when she saw it fitted for the first time. Wood plank kitchen island fitted with a white and gray marble waterfall feature showcasing a set of cream ottomans as counter stools. It may be a fad, but for functionality sake, I love that it protects the sides of your cabinetry. My current home does not have waterfall countertops on the island and the ends of my poor island cabinetry are so banged up and need to be repainted already. Clean, pristine and gorgeous the quartz on this waterfall island reminds us of an iceberg.