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  • Training Slow Pitch Softballs: ATEC Pitching Machine Balls

    Sign up and receive exclusive discounts and to learn about our newest products. Be the first to hear about the latest products, sales and events from ATEC. We couldn’t find any products that match your search. Here are a few alternate destinations that might help. Atec is the name of a baseball used in the […]

  • Solved Softball Slow Pitch Pitching Machine Problenm In slow

    No part of the glove is allowed to be the same color as that of the ball, including that of its seams. Pitchers are also not allowed to have any white on their gloves including the seams. The umpire has discretion to determine whether any coloring on the glove interferes with or hinders the batter […]

  • Softball Pitching Machine, Softball Pitching Machines

    A ball hit in the air and caught before hitting the ground, in fair or foul territory, puts the batter out. A fly ball is a ball hit high and deep, a pop fly is a ball hit high but short, and a line drive is a ball hit close to the horizontal. After the […]

  • Softball Slow Pitch

    A fly ball hit upward at an angle greater than 45 degrees is a “pop fly”. A batted ball driven in the air through the infield at a height at which an infielder could play it if in the right position is a “line drive”. A batted ball which hits the ground within the diamond […]

  • How to Throw a Screwball in Slow-Pitch Softball Slow pitch softball, Slow pitch, Softball pitching

    Grasping the softball using your index finger and thumb, grab the softball at the widest part. This often mimics the same kind of hold much like gripping a soda can. Let all the remaining fingers simply rest behind the index finger on the ball. Clearly, batters in slow pitch have a lot more time to […]