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  • File Your 1099 E-file Online

    This is the list of vendors who will receive a 1099 form from the QuickBooks® Online 1099 wizard. Check out our video for step by step instructions on how to prepare and print 1099 forms using QuickBooks® Online. This video has all the information you need to accurately and efficiently file your 1099 vendor tax […]

  • World Food Program Raises $1 8 Million Following David Muirs Report on Madagascars Climate Change Famine

    FiveThirtyEight will feature multiple pieces, including a story looking at Americans misperceiving each other’s environmental concerns and how that hurts marginalized groups. The team will publish charts on what Americans think about climate change and how nature isn’t healing, specifically looking at improvements the environment saw during massive global COVID-19 quarantine and the diminished gains […]

  • Shopify Buy Button: How To Add Ecommerce Features To Any Website In 3 Steps

    Shopify’s Buy Button , doesn’t offer cart abandonment recovery. You’d need to select a bigger monthly plan to access this feature. Since we hear that question so frequently—and to be fair, rightly so—we’ve decided to review both products to shed some added light on the matter. Allow the shopper to become more familiar with the […]