Stephen Hawking and Anderson Cooper don’t endorse supplements, but scammers want you to think they do

And instead of the TrimGenesis Garcinia supplements the ad hawked a few weeks ago, it now credits Amanda’s weight loss to a supplement called Pure Life Garcinia. A link at the bottom of the story offers readers a free 30 day supply of the pill. Clicking on “Get a free sample” leads to a product page for Pure Life Garcinia. On the evening of March 30, the same page listed entirely different contact details.

A well-balanced combination of ingredients in this energy-boosting supplement promotes cognitive learning & mental stability, and fat burning, and enhances the performance of the muscles to perform fitness exercises. I’ve seen this false advertising, especially for nootropic supplements, time and time again. Check back in another week or so, and you will see a TOTALLY different supplement making the EXACT same claims that dpc us big techtimes some celebrities have been using these supplements to achieve huge financial and career success. Its primary focus is on health, but occasionally it includes non-health scams and practical tips. This report is intended to raise the profile of the emerging challenge to health from the self-directed use of drugs to enhance the human body, and to inform the development of approaches to understanding and tackling the problem.

If you think you have got money to waste on this product, go ahead. Intellux Supplements Reviews is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback. Be wary of ads boasting extraordinary health benefits. “Scientific breakthroughs” and “miracles cures” are almost always marketing tricks. Don’t assume announcements framed as news from supposed trusted sources are legitimate.

The company denied wrongdoing but faces $100,000 in payments to support enforcement Iowa’s consumer fraud laws. Tactics included specific websites, a mixture of ads, false independent product “reviews” and even a nonexistent health magazine. I want to point out that there are brands of these products out there that doesn’t contain the authentic components that have been researched and the ingredients are not high in quality. But the good thing is that the brands you recommended are A+ companies with solid track history because I have been taking the expand brands you mentioned. Geniux arrived within 4 days of having placed my order Online for the free trials and were inexpensive to ship. To test out the product, I took one Geniux pill every morning for 4 weeks.

The same goes with the claim that Tom Cruise has been using them. I looked up the Jimmy Fallon interview and, yet again, there was not one mention of him using these 2 supplements in combination. As you can see, this is NOT the real Discover Magazine website. The real website is, NOT Discovery dash Magazine dash Online dot com.

Finding an actual person at a company endorsed by a fake person is tricky. On the morning of March 30, the site listed a company address in Santa Ana, California and a customer service phone number. Quartz called, and the operator who answered said he was selling an anti-wrinkle cream and had never heard of Pure Life. An email to the address listed bounced back immediately. Intellux is a natural dietary supplement, produced from a blend of natural ingredients, which help to boost brain health, to enhance cognitive function, and to enhance information retention. It enhances quicker thinking, improves memory, and boosts mood.

This is the seventh dietary supplement case that the Iowa AG has pursued during the past five years. Although such cases are important, they rarely result in stopping sales in other states. Consumer protection would be greatly enhanced if state attorneys general were given the ability to obtain federal court orders that would apply nationwide. Commercially available nootropics are scarcely studied and often have little, if any, scientific evidence supporting their safety and efficacy. Many of the most popular products among lay consumers offer vague instructions regarding dosage and frequency of use, and provide ambiguous explanations regarding mechanisms of action.

Find out if Intellux actually works today in our review. Cho Wa Green Tea is a special dietary formula that is said to have its roots from Japan. Contains many botanical ingredients has many health benefits, including enhancing the immune system, protecting the body from disease, and assisting with optimal organ function. These ingredients work together to help people lose weight, increase metabolism, and reduce the effects of LDL cholesterol. The appeal of cognitive enhancement has propelled the growth of a billion-dollar commercial market, projected to increase to over $6 billion by 2020.

Clinicians and program developers often have inspiring stories about the changes their training regimens made in people’s lives. However, these claims are largely anecdotal and, in many cases, have yet to be proven on a broader scale. Read all Testo Factor X side effects, user complains, scam reports,ingredients and recommended dosage, READ BEFORE BUY…!!! Other marketers are still using the fake ads to sell “smart pills” from other manufacturers. This new edition of the most comprehensive text available in the field continues to provide a vast amount of information to enable consumers to make wise choices regarding health products and services. It offers a panoramic view of the health marketplace, while explaining the scientific methods that are essential for validating claims about how products and services affect health.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Many users & reviewers have complained of the amount of false advertising (“Anderson Cooper endorses Intellux!” …no, he doesn’t) and I’d have to agree with them. Intellux has been accused of false advertising by various users & bloggers, which isn’t a good look for any kind of supplement. To make matters worse, the supplement is ridiculously expensive compared to other major nootropics on the market.