SOL Practice Resources

The VDOE created this in-depth report to help Virginia educators incorporate technology in meaningful ways to support SOL objectives and help students prepare for SOL assessments. There are also alternative assessments that high school students may take to earn the verified credit for graduation. Personally I am a proponent of opt out and have refused testing for my own children, but I would never suggest it to a parent of one of my students. Most school systems are done with by June 30th and the summer testing session typically starts on or around July. Tests from the summer session count towards the SY, not the SY .

Here’s what you should know about both the SOL practice test and the actual SOL assessment. As members of the Virginia Association of Science Teachers you are joining a cadre of teachers that are eager to support science learning in the Commonwealth. At VDOE, our goal is to support all teachers in reaching the vision of science literacy at all levels.

Using the SOL practice test, you can equip your students for the online testing environment, as well as the content matter that will be assessed. You can watch their confidence grow as they navigate the online test and gain a clear idea of what to expect on exam day. The Virginia SOL practice tests provide a simple way to shoo away any testing butterflies and make sure your students are confident in their ability to navigate the virtual test. The online version of the tests or test item sets is no longer available since the test delivery software has changed.

Fabiola is passionate about education and strives to empower educators with relevant resources so that they can continue transforming their classrooms one student at a time. Through that review, Marzano confirmed our findings about the effectiveness of Study Island, and we also uncovered four best practices to help students get the most out of online practice. As you are considering different options to ensure that your students have achieved standards proficiency, it’s critical that you have a program that’s aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Consider this and other benefits of using an online program.

All of the questions on this site come from test materials released by the Virginia Department of Education and are used here with permission. All questions on this site are copyrighted by the Virginia Department of Education and may not be used by other persons or organizations without their permission. The Quadratic Formula Students will be able to solve quadratic equations by using the quadratic formula.

The released tests are not inclusive of all SOL tests administered during the previous year; however, the tests are representative of the content and skills assessed. Once you’ve set things up, your students can practice facebook premiere video in an environment that mimics the look and feel of the SOL test. Not only will they sharpen their virtual test-taking skills, but they’ll also get an extra boost of confidence as they prep for their SOL assessments.

The Guided Practice Suggestions provide specific suggestions for teachers as they lead students through a practice item set or with the practice Writing Tool. Following these suggestions will ensure that students are exposed to the different tools within TestNav, the different functionality features of technology-enhanced items , and common messages that may appear as students complete TEI. This fall, VDOE will introduce individualized progress reports for students in grades 1-8 that will allow parents to see where their children are succeeding and where they have fallen behind, according to VDOE.

The PDF version will contain the answer key for all items in the test or test item set. The spending plan also allocates $100 million to launch innovative college laboratory schools in partnership with Virginia colleges and universities. “We are back to pre-pandemic performance in many of our individual subjects. Our reading performance last school year was strong and our math performance was exceptional, well above the statewide average,” Williams said. 8 Tips for Parents to Help Your Child Prepare for High-Stakes TestsParents and other caregivers are critical to every student’s educational journey.