Si swimsuit issue .you can’t make this stuff up

Outside, dangerous gangs infiltrate the shadowed, half-flooded streets. They call this part of Chasm City the Mulch and it is the only place where we can afford to live now. Certainly we could have afforded something better – something much better – if I had not been forced to put aside money in readiness for this day. But Celestine knows nothing of that. There were those who saw us and imagined that the creature with her – the thing that trotted by her like a stiff, diamond-skinned, grotesque mechanical dog – was merely a strange choice of pet. Thomas’ specialty seems to be the longer events, not the short ones like the 50s and 100s .

Dolezal’s race might matter to her NAACP chapter, but it doesn’t in the local Olympic team tryouts. Of course transracialism is different from transexuality, in that the former is something that develops as ones’ identity over time, thru exposure and experience. It is much like how one comes to identify as a certain nationality by growing up in that nation.

They are sociopaths and narcissists who have used your empathy to convince you their intentions are genuine. Lia is a sick person and the American capitalist marketing says the best treatment is the most expensive one. So of course they push hormones you take the rest of your life and expensive surgeries over actual psychological help. If you call a man a “her” you then have to twist yourself in knots trying to explain why “she” can’t swim with other women. And not much of one if he gets his kicks beating women in swimming. I won’t embrace the lie you’re pushing.

In that case, there would BE no women’s sports and women would not compete. Correct, and considering that Lia Thomas is heterosexual, he is almost certainly autogynephilic. The most disturbing part of this story is that Lia Thomas is exposing his very much intact and male genitalia in the women’s locker room in front of the other swimmers. When a handful of the women expressed michael phelps webbed toes how uncomfortable this made them feel , they were essentially told to “get over it” by the authorities that should’ve been protecting them. This would be considered a clear example of sexual harassment in any other scenario, yet it is being sanctioned by the coaches, university, and NCAA. In the US, the Democrats and Biden are determined to get the “Equality” Act through.

Terms at Call GAMBLER. Odds & lines subject to change. If you see information about Lia Thomas that is being shared publicly and looks questionable or suspicious, feel free to leave it in a comment below and Outsports will find the answer. However, Sullivan and Forde have publicly expressed support for Thomas and her inclusion in the sport. Sullivan also said the viral photo was shared out of context. Online news outlets also reported that the women staged a “podium protest” after the race .

College sports teams can be staffed without students on athletic scholarships. How is there not “substantial reward” in the case of amateur athletics at the college level, where there are only so many scholarship spots on university teams, especially for highly desirable schools like Penn? You can get tens of thousands of dollars a year in scholarships, gain access to a world-class education and the concomitant network, and also gain the networking function of the particular sports team. You’d be surprised, for instance, how many people in the highly lucrative private equity world were, for example, on Harvard football, Yale track, or Stanford crew.

Sincerely claiming to be something you’re not IS illness. THE RULES ARE WRONG. The rules need to change. Plain and simple it’s cheating 100% cheating on both sides. These people are sexual deviants who were sadly abused as children more often than not. This is purely a fetish for them that they want to involve everyone in, they get off on validation or trying to force others to accept their lies.