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Do not buy anything from this Chinese company. If a company does not have a USA telephone number on their website do not buy from them. Also, before buying call the telephone to make sure it works. This is your best recourse in getting your money back if item received is not as advertised. Do not count on Pay Pal, they have this Shixi Network Tech on their community website as a scammer and they are still paying them.

Today I called…by the way the shoes arrived after PP dispute had closed. So I called PP again today…they looked at the company and stated that they haven’t had any complaints against them. BS I suspect they are just changing the email address to collect. Anyway the opened the dispute back up and now we wait. No telling how much the shipping will cost to ship these fraud junk things back!!

In the answer on the complaint through paypal they wrote dont give us bad report. And I advise others to not to do it either. The compensation by given me $10 coupon for shopping is NOT justified because the detective product is NOT even worth for me to pay even more than half of the price I paid a month ago. This seller is NOT honest, the promotion commercial video has been showing a 3-Axis handheld selfie stick for CAD$20.00, but when the order page shown a different option to hide at the bottom as an “upgrade” version for a much higher price. I have complaint more than 5 times to come across different customer representatives who kept on repeating what they want to just give $10 coupon for me to shop again for their product. Call your Bank and get the credit back to your account.

For the avoidance of doubt, the State Guidance Fund has the right to take the above measures at any time, without time limit when any said circumstance actually occurs to the Partnership or the General Partner. Other partners shall agree to sign all such documents or perform all such procedures as are necessary to ensure that the National Guidance Fund completes the aforementioned matters. 8.3 If no liquidator is designated within 15 days after the occurrence of the cause for the dissolution of the Partnership, the partners or other interested parties may apply to the people’s court to designate liquidators. 7.3 The General Partner has no right to accrue the performance reward until all partners have recovered all of their paid contributions in proportion to their paid contributions and their accumulated net investment income reaches the annual simple interest rate of 6%.

Now I don’t have their gifts or the money to replace them with. On 12/21 I ordered 4 of the multi function cell phone holders…on 12/22 I sent email asking them to cancel. I have not been able to get in touch with them…The store was nesaret which my bank shows to be shixi. The website for Nesaret is now closed and I have no way of contacting them. On the 1st of December I had ordered the same thing but it was from buockis which I haven’t received either. Found out after 2nd order that these both are through Shixi.

IDMC will not accept any project that has for two times failed to pass voting at IDMC meetings. General Partner’s directors and senior managers may simultaneously act as IDMC members. IDMC members will not receive any remuneration from the Partnership. 3.5.2 General Partner shall seek benefits for the Partnership in the principle of good faith. General Partner shall be held liable for any damage, debt and/or liability that might be sustained by the Partnership due to any fault on the part of General Partner.

I ordered a wall mounted dry food dispenser off a FaceBook ad on Aug 6, 2020 and paid $26.97 via PayPal. Instead, on or around Sept. 9th I received a small plastic canister which in no way resembles what I ordered. Today, after getting my Aug statement from PayPal, I finally see there are numerous previous complaints about Shixi Network Technologies Co, Ltd. All three companies are at fault — FaceBook for placing the ad, PayPal for continuing to support the fraud being perpetrated against innocent isocore technology people like me, and Shixi Technologies for the fraudulent practices of charging people good money for items they never receive. Sep.17 I purchased a 24V cordless wood cutter, on Oct. 8 after 3 weeks from the order I received a small hand held saw you can buy it at dollar store, the peruse is just to obtain delivery confirmation and to prove that been delivered to my address, very slick not honest business. I ordered a cat window hammock and received a small, flat, oval piece of polyester.