SEED & SAGE Mexico Sterling Silver Earrings

These earrings are beautiful to look at, light in weight and nicely crafted to just the right size for me. They arrived gently packed, each earring in its own little plastic bag so as not to get tangled. Our jewelry-makers use aechelon technology the hammering and oxidizing techniques in the accessories’ production and do inlay work. Will usually ship within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment. Linen jewelry pouch with corresponding stone cards included.

It is an expensive process that takes over 3 months to assure that the turquoise does not crack while being treated. Basically, the moisture is removed from the stone and replaced with an optically clear resin, the same type as used in jet fighter windows. The turquoise is then allowed to dry naturally for two to threemonths. Although other mines have turquoise stabilization facilities, those at the Kingman mine are widely regarded as the best. Cripple Creek Green and blue with brown matrix; by-product of gold mining. Boulder Turquoise, also called Ribbon Turquoise, refers to how the stone is cut, not where it comes from.

Because of its scarcity and beautiful colors Morenci Turquoise is highly prized.. Bisbee turquoise was a by-product of copper mining near Bisbee, Arizona. It is known mainly for its brilliant blue color and smoky webbing. Bisbee turquoise was found at all levels of the copper mine from 100 to 2000 feet and the quality and coloration varies widely from layer to layer. Often the stones have a matrix of brown, gray or black, but clear stones of blues and greens have also come from the Bisbee mine. There was never that much turquoise mined in Bisbee to begin with and now the mine is closed.

Anoint your crystals and gemstone jewelry with my SG Anointing Blend. Live music often creates a buzz in the Zocolo, with people dancing together in a vibrant Latin style. It’s easy to sit there for hours, with an ice cream, mesmerised by it all.

What remains today is in the hands of old miners and long-time collectors. Because of its hardness, quality and scarcity Bisbee turquoise is one of the most valued turquoise in the world today. Pilot Mountain Turquoise Mine in Esmeralda County, Nevada, produces deep blue and green stones with dark brown, reddish or black matrices. One stone can show color graduations from light blue to dark green, which makes this turquoise very collectible. Pilot Mountain turquoise is very hard and takes a high polish.

This silver jewelry may be with or without pendants, either made of pure silver or embellished with semi-precious stones. Block Turquoise is manufactured in blocks and is made to look like turquoise. It may be all plastic polymer or it may have crushed or powdered turquoise or other stone mixed with resin or polymer. Block Turquoise sometimes has swirls or blobs of dark dye added to simulate the look of matrix. Yellow tourmaline helps you find courage in difficult situations and to face them head-on with a sense of assuredness. Yellow tourmaline aligns with the Solar Plexus Chakra which is located just above your belly button and is your center of power and confidence.

Association with silver is steeped in history, and has been for hundreds of years. Beaded jewellery collection is sourced in Guatemala and is handmade by women’s cooperatives around Lake Atitlan. Join the seven million monthly viewers who visit our Pinterest page for art and style. Through her sales with NOVICA, Ernestina has grown as an entrepreneur, expanding her business and taking on apprentices.

Fracture-Sealing uses resin or polymer to harden the matrix in the stone. (Matrix is other minerals mixed in the turquoise or portions of the “mother rock” in which the turquoise formed. Matrix appears in the turquoise as uneven areas of brown or black). Unfortunately, many seem to have forgotten what the old fashion Mexican silver jewelry is suppose to look like. All over the internet you see the same thing over and over again… There’s nothing easier than ordering accessories on our website.