Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte

Some people still get confused by that but when it’s done right it’s soooo delicious. English breakfast tea blends vary by maker, but they’re typically a mix of black tea leaves with a pleasant earthy flavor. The Royal Engish Breakfast Tea Latte from Starbucks showcases a premium English breakfast tea blend made from Indian and Sri Lankan black tea. It’s sweetened with cane sugar and tastes delicious served hot or iced. English breakfast tea is a black tea that boasts strong, malty flavors that are stronger than the notes found in green tea and oolong tea. Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the full-bodied flavor as a morning tea or an afternoon tea while you enjoy tea sandwiches and pastries with friends and family.

Don’t fill the glass completely with tea, leave some room for milk. Similar to the water used for making tea, make ice cubes with fresh, filtered water if possible. If in a pinch, you can sweeten the tea with granulated sugar, but it must be added while the tea is still hot enough to dissolve the granules completely.

Dairy-free – Oat milk, cashew milk, and a plant-based barista blend are great vegan options. Milk – Starbucks uses 2% milk, but you can use any creamy dairy or milk alternative here. This is a delightful way to sip on tea in the summer. Pour entire contents of cocktail shaker into a cup.

Finally, the cup size determines the amount of tea and number of pumps of syrup added to each tea latte. In general, a Starbucks tea latte is half tea and half milk. The tea is concentrated so its flavor doesn’t get lost in all the milk. English Breakfast teas generally have medium to high caffeine levels, but still about tea kettle cave half of the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. English Breakfast’s relatively high caffeine levels and robust taste make it an energizing and invigorating morning ritual. The history of English Breakfast tea is a little murky, but most records show that people started taking notice of the blend around the mid-1800s.

Drinking English breakfast tea is a great way to stay healthy- it’s rich in antioxidants which may improve heart health. We recommend drinking it without milk and sugar to enjoy all the good benefits. The tea brews to a robust full bodied black with rich malty notes- add a dash of milk and enjoy the delicious flavours. In a teapot, add the English Breakfast tea leaves or bags and freshly boiled water.

After the Second World War, when the colonies became independent, the source of English Breakfast for the British became Africa. Nowadays, the English drink plenty of tea from Kenya. Those teas have taken over from the teas from Assam. And what tea from Sri Lanka has a better pedigree than Kenilworth?

An iced English breakfast tea latte is the beverage to wake you up and cool you down all at once. Similar to a coffee based latte this is made with a strong black tea, milk and ice for a highly caffeinated drink. English Breakfast tea was crafted later in the 1800s by Robert Drysdale, a Scottish tea merchant. The main difference from Earl Grey is that English Breakfast is an unflavored blend of black teas. English Breakfast tea is likely to be stronger and have more caffeine content than Earl Grey, hence the name and why it is usually sipped in the morning. It has a hearty, malty flavor that perks you right up with its robust character and pairs well with milk and sugar.