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This type of roof is popular for areas with cold weather conditions, providing a stable design that deals well with rain and snow. JTC have recently installed a zinc kitchen roof and a stainless parapet gutter on our new kitchen extension, this has been professionally installed and looks terrific. They have been easy and friendly to communicate with, offering good advice and solutions. JTC have recently completed a roof install in Herefordshire for me. Let’s be real here, roofing content can be a bit boring.


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Ultimately, your page should be written with the audience in mind, and the keywords should naturally flow into the content. The first step to writing content is determining your target audience and user intent. Understanding who you are addressing and their needs will give direction and organization to your writing. When you launch a website with multiple pages, the content on each page is eventually “crawled” by Google. What Google finds when crawling your site determines where they rank each page and for what keywords. Your homepage, for example, should explain who you are and what you offer and indicate to Google the needs of users who will want to visit your website.

We are a team of passionate, talented individuals who work to make sure our clients receive the best of our services. From our professional webmasters, to social media gurus, to specialized writers, we can handle all your internet marketing needs. For example, if you are a roofing company in Denver, you may be presenting information that is already available online. However, you can present it from the unique perspective of your specific roofing company. Building an online presence for your roofing company is challenging.

A dome roof, unsurprisingly, is a roof in the shape of a dome. A butterfly roof, otherwise known as an inverted pitch roof, emulates the wings of a butterfly with two tandem pieces of roofing angled upwards to form a V-shape. We have had an amazing zinc roof and zinc guttering fitted at our new build near Stratford upon Avon. Extremely pleased with the quality, workmanship and all round customer service we have received. However, make sure to be transparent rather than trying to point readers to the choice that makes you the most money. During the warmer months, many people are likely to read up on how the sun is impacting their home, or in this case the roof.

Our business plan and core focus on new construction home builders, restoration services, and repairs allows us to serve homeowners in the re-roof process. Several manufacturers allow Quick Roofing to write up to 25 year labor and material warranties so that the homeowner is always protected. We are able to work with the same crews and build relationships and expectations that have spanned decades in many cases.

Revamp your strategy and target the online roofing market by hiring an experienced team of content writing for roofers. Residential roof inspections – We provide comprehensive roof inspections on almost every type of single family home with any type of roofing system. If you have a shingle roof, we will check for deterioration and other shingle wearing issues, as well as check the roof for leaks in and around metal flashings. If you have a wood shake roof, we will inspect for dry rot and insect infestation among other things. These additional roofing blog topic ideas should help you to brainstorm some great ideas for your own roofing company blog page. In addition to installing waterproofing and roofing, your contractor will also install drip edge metal strips that direct water safely away from the fascia and into the gutter.

The text entered into the search box is known as a “query. An example of a search query is “roofing company in Denver.” Of course, roofers in the Denver area would like to rank for this query and should include it within their content. Our goal is to provide quality articles to our readers that are well-researched, informative and well laid out so that the articles are simple to scan through and easier to read. These articles should help the reader understand a topic, teach the reader how to do something, or inform them about topics that they’ve interested in learning about. If you’re like us and well versed in organic search engine optimization techniques, you understand the value of guest posting on other relevant, high-authority domains. That’s what we’re here for – to offer you a platform for your marketing voice.

Blogging, etc., but for this post, we are going to stay specific and talk only about copy for individual pages on your site. Use a tool like Ahrefs, SEMRush or Google Keyword Planner to find things people are really searching. Overwhelming sales pitches are the norm on far too many roofing websites. A coupon or discount code, of course, may assist persuade undecided buyers, but it won’t be appealing to someone who is just browsing. Your organization starts to take on a human face when you begin to humanize it. There is also a conversational tone to this example, as seen in the passage.