Rift over naturism laid bare by bar on Spains oldest nudist beach Spain

We have developed a great reputation throughout the world as an independent and trusted source of quality content and advice. A 10-minute drive from Bilbao – famed for its dazzling ark-like Guggenheim Museum, a shiny titanium creation, and its atmospheric Old Town, chocka with pintxos bars. I’d always imagined them to be packed with a throng of people I wouldn’t want to see naked. A few oldies here, there are plenty of buff young dudes and pretty girls, too. “ I shriek, as I cop an eyeful of exposed bottoms and bosoms baking in the sun.

Here we are facing another of those beaches where there are both nudists and people in swimsuits, and it is that mutual respect is breathed, each one can do what they want. Is a black sand beach, whose location means that during some months of the year in the afternoon it is in the shade, so it is better to go in the morning. In addition, it is easy to reach it, since there is a parking lot at the end of a track that leads every shot you don’t take quote to the beach. If you have heard of the Cies Islands You will probably know the beach of Rhodes, which the Guardian newspaper named the best beach in the world. But maybe you don’t know that right next to this famous beach with white sand and turquoise waters there is another with the same characteristics but that allows you to practice nudism. It is a little smaller, and you have to walk along a path to reach it.

And it will probably remain so for many decades to come. With a number of naturist campings, nude hotels, naturist villas and naturist apartment complexes, Spain caters to every budget and every requirement. Much of the Vera Playa area is naturist-friendly, with plenty of restaurants, bars and hotels near the beach where you can walk around in your birthday suit and still feel right at home. There are few beaches with such a power of attraction for Mallorca’s nudist crowd as the remote Es Caragol. Getting there entails walking for 15 minutes from the lighthouse of Ses Salines. The sand has been colonized by lilies and marine thistles, and the waters are clean and see-through, forming a soft curve that ends with the rocky outcrop of Punta Negra.

Suitable for naturist bathers and popular within the gay community. Estonian naturist beaches used to be overseen by the NGO Estnat (which closed in 2012). Naturist swims are held in the Blovstrød (Allerød Municipality) indoor swimming pool on Friday evenings in Autumn. Since 1976 it is permissible to be nude at any beach in Denmark.

Located in the southwestern Aquitaine region, it’s an Atlantic expanse at its finest with 2 miles of white sand dunes becoming one with the glorious ocean. An ultimate destination for all the nude beachgoers, Mantalivet is the naturist dream, a promise of unfiltered celebrating of nature. There are the popular naturist villages Vera Playa and Charco del Palo and the Spanish coast is dotted with official and unofficial nude beaches.

This is very likely the most famous nude beach in Spain. Vera Playa is part of the naturist village which receives thousands of naturists every year. The sandy beach is large but does get busy during high season.

Be that as it may, this summer anyone will be able to sunbathe nude on La Caleta, La Victoria, Santa María del Mar and Cortadura beaches. The nude beaches in Ukraine are closed due to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. A pretty complete list of nude beaches in the Netherlands can be found on the Dutch-language website naaktstrandje.nl. Here you can click on the province of your choice and get a list of beaches and other nudist activities. A small, unofficial naturist beach, on the left bank of the Lielupe river delta. The rough west coast has lonely beaches and coves for sunbathing.

The Italian island of Sardinia has many surprises up its sleeve. One of them is Piscinas, a sprawling dunes ecosystem on the southern coast. Scenic, wide, well-connected, and stunningly beautiful, it is a highly pleasant seaside spot. Founded in the 50s, Montalivet proudly wears a badge of being the oldest naturist holiday resort in the world. That’s why it’s no surprise that the beach here is a true gem for every nudist.

The 400 metre beach is guarded by the San Ramón Battery and the Torre de los Alumbres tower, old buildings used to defend against pirate attacks. Swim in the waters of Cabo de Gata, the most spectacular natural Andalusian coast. And go naked, if you wish, anywhere on the kilometre-long beach of Vera and its nudist urbanisations. We’ve rounded up some of the best nudist beaches in Europe.

This nudist beach, with golden sand, has facilities that will delight naturists and topless lovers. The nudist beach of Bolonia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Spain. Located 17 km from the city of Tarifa, this beach faces the Moroccan city of Tangier. This is one of the few remaining virgin beaches in the area and it is surely one of the reasons why it is appreciated by practitioners of topless, nudism and naturism. Almost 4 km long, this nudist beach will delight nature lovers. The nudist beach of Cabo Pino has always enjoyed a well-deserved popularity in recent years and for good reason.