Ride or Die: Married or Romantically Partnered Detective Couples

This is A LOT easier to do with your husband/wife by your side BUT if you have spent all year whining to your family about your spouse, don’t expect these family gatherings to be all peachy. This week we discuss how important it is to paint your spouse in a positive light as often as possible. At the end of the day, no one is on your team more than the person you vowed to love in sickenss & health, till death do you apart. For their “On The Run Tour,” Beyoncé and Jay-Z used dreamy visuals to push their own brand of ride or die relationships. The tour’s Bonnie and Clyde inspired visuals are a declaration of the power couple’s recommitment to each other despite Jay-Z’s public admission of infidelity IRL. A partner who is ride or die will spend time getting to know you.

When most people picture a ride or die relationship, they picture couples. Our ride or die quotes are the perfect way to show your favorite person how much you appreciate them. When you’re with someone who’s going to be there for you forever, there’s a level of comfort between the two of you that living bing reviews you can’t get with anyone else. If your partner can do these “gross” things around you behind closed doors, they’re very comfortable being themselves around you. On this season of Love and Hip Hop, reality starlet Yandy Smith threw a little marital pressure on her longtime beau Mendeecees Harris.

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Don’t forget to also check out these soulmate quotes and sayings to put love into words. But your ride or die could be anyone who’s always there for you. Through thick and thin, your ride or die will stand by your side until the very end.

It’s like saying to yourself that “no matter how many times my partner hurts me, I’m going to stay because I’m a ride-or-die chick.” “If you can make it through the wedding planning process together and still want to get married, you have found your ride or die,” Jen Henderson, owner and lead wedding planner of A Fresh Event, tells Bustle. Planning big events like a wedding require a lot of conversations you wouldn’t normally have. “A lot of true colors surface in times like these,” she says. “Though it’s a very happy and enjoyable time in life, it’s certainly one that I would classify as ride or die.”

A “ride or die” is along for the journey, as life unfolds. This is the person that you might try new things with, travel, and take up an exciting hobby. A “ride or die” partner is someone who books you a plane ticket to the place you’ve both always wanted to visit, or , would hop on the back of your Harley and ride off into the sunset together. If you’re dating someone who would do anything for you, go anywhere with you, and generally be by your side through it all, it’s possible that you’ve found your ride or die. This phrase can mean a lot of things to different folks, and many types of relationships can be ride or die.

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