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Werewolf women are unnecessarily prefixed as she-wolves and are constantly called “sluts” or “hoes.” Beyond that it reads like a preteen daydream story, nothing of substance happens. Disappointing because I like werewolf fiction. Maybe after a few books the author will get better? But the average rating here is a grossly inaccurate calculation of the content of this novel. I’m reading it , but it’s absolute garbage. This is, beyond doubt, the worst “book” I have ever read.

Robert’s pestering made Cecily feel disgusted and nauseated! As Cecily could not protect herself from Robert due to the difference in strength, Michael appeared. “Your actions make you unworthy as an Alpha.” Michael looked at Robert with disdain. During Robert’s inauguration as Alpha, Cecily could no longer tolerate his pestering. “I, Cecily Levin, reject Robert Paslo as my mate.” When Robert was furious and in pain, wanting to hurt Cecily, Michael appeared again!

She reflects on the importance of effort in any relationship and the need to keep trying, even in the face of defeat. Join Aashna and Adwait on their emotional journey as they navigate the challenges of love and relationships. The story follows Ezekiel, who has been away from the Alpha Queen and her pack for 13 years. Lovely book❤ but am not happy about 2 being on subscription.

I was eighteen and could be looking at prison time if the truth ever got out. Sakari, An 18 year old female wolf & Darius, A 19 year old male wolf and alpha… Everything would be easy if it wasn’t for Lukas, Sakari’s boy… The hand which had traced the words of love and veneration dedicated to our father’s memory grew too feeble to hold a pen, and before the proo…

Little does he know that this is not the last he has seen of Kiya. Following her recovery from this dark, sinister influence, Kiya discovers her true self as the avatar of Selene, reaching goddesshood. What she does not know is that the world is about to be turned upside down once more. “Don’t test my patience. I will kill that jerk if he dares to touch you or our baby again.” he whispered, his lips almost grazing my ear, sending a delicious shiver down my spine.

I and Rhea loves running, it feels amazing to feel the wind against my fur as we run. We love feeling the forest floor beneath our paws. We continue running until jessica pils we feel like we’ve put enough distance in between my parents and me. I can’t believe they would put me through this. I am an Alpha’s daughter for goddess’s sake!

She wasn’t going to stop until she found it. What will you do when an ancient vampire queen was accidentally brought back to life? Follow the journey of Evangeline and her friends where they have to deal with a vampire who lives thousands of years ago in this adventure, anthropology and history-pack book. I found it in a Facebook sponsored post and it caught my attention immediately. Although it could use a really good thorough edit for spelling, grammatical, etc errors – the storyline was there and it was amazing. My issue is that there is just too much going on for one book.