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The Terra Core website describes it as a “multi-faceted, core builder with air-filled comfort.” The Terra core is flat on one side, with the reverse side being inflated with air. The air-filled side demands plenty of balance from the user, which promotes an overall challenging workout. The Terra Core is a bench and then a stepper at the same time; I know what you’re thinking; how can that be?

As opposed to the round half-moon design you see in other balance trainers, the Terra-Core boasts an elongated shape (48″ by 18″) that opens up a whole range of training options and maneuvers. The company has workouts that are tailored for users of all fitness levels, so you can be sure to find what works for you now and then be able to progress as your strength improves. To put it simply, Terra Core is a complex, multi-functional piece of equipment and the Bosu ball is much more simplistic in nature.

If anything, benching or deadlifting on a balance trainer may activate some of your stabilizing muscles that aren’t required on a traditional flat bench. After all, you need to work harder to keep your core stable during the lift since you’re on an unstable surface. This can lead to increased overall strength, but again it won’t be anything life-changing. As the company’s name suggests, Terra-Core is also great for core exercises like push-ups, burpees, and planks. While these can certainly be done on the inflated side, the air bladder will provide an extra challenge, you can also use the flat side where you’ll find two handles.

Here’s the deal, Terra-Core itself is pretty heavy, and that works to our advantage when lifting it around during workouts. It could potentially fit under the bed if you have high clearance. Otherwise, you’ll probably need to rest the Terra Core balance trainer on its side and place it in your closet. When you focus so much of your fitness regimen on stability, you cannot help but engage your core muscle groups.