Prose Hair Care Review: Hair Care Products Pros & Cons

They also make pre-shampoo hair mask, hair oil, dry shampoo, and supplements. Finding hair products you love, that work well to nourish your hair can be difficult. In a world of customization, I am so excited to share Prose Hair with you. This amazing haircare brand has revolutionized the way we create hair care products and take care of our hair. With personalized hair care products, Prose offers an amazing selection of ingredients that make your hair look and feel its’ best.

Although the goal is to apply the scalp mask all over your head, it’s important to target sensitive areas that can become easily irritated. This includes the nape of your neck, crown, hairline and temples. Simply scoop out your desired amount of product and apply directly onto these areas. Take time to use the pads of your fingers on both hands to massage the scalp mask in and around your target area until it begins to lather.

Don’t worry, as there’s only a light concentration of alcohol for a cooling effect without any drying; after all, everything in moderation. Once you get your hands on your new Scalp Mask, you’ll notice a creamier, slightly jelly-like texture that’s even easier to apply and produces a light foam. We’ve also added jojoba beads to every formula, which is an all-natural and biodegradable exfoliator.

I can now run a brush through my hair without finding a single tangle, which is something I have never experienced in my entire life. I bought every hair product brand that I could find at CVS. I purchased hair masks and even made my own—and butterfly locs what hair to use no, olive oil is not easy to get out of your hair. Nothing worked, and by October, my hair was still dry and unhealthy. If there’s one area in my life that I don’t pay too much attention to, it’s been the hair care department.

Sure, it doesn’t hurt to learn more about your hair and you might find that it works well for you. (We’ve had friends who swear by it.) Plus, you might find haircare shopping a little bit easier in the long run. Why is it so hard to find the answer to this simple question. When it comes to all these renovations, what’s just as important is what we’re leaving behind. With our new Scalp Mask formula, we’ve removed ethyl alcohol—this means that all Prose products are now alcohol-free.