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While he embraces the Stone Age, Plant lives a relatively normal and modern life off camera. “People are naturally wired to be interested in this sort of activity because best digital watch women’s in the past those who weren’t probably died out or didn’t pass on their genes,” he said. “This hobby also keeps me fairly fit and active, which is good for health.”

The Cassowary, a large, horned, flightless bird lives in this forest. It’s the most dangerous bird in the world, but generally only attacks when threatened. This consisted of wooden stakes hammered into the ground at the back of the hut behind the fire pit. Part of the bed frame is attached to the sapling uprights that form the dome. This works ok without the frame shaking too much due to the low attachment point of the bed. Wooden boards were then placed on this and were covered with palm fibre for bedding.

More than two and a half centuries after the start of the Industrial Revolution, we no longer look upon the unspoiled world as our natural habit or privilege practical value over symbolic value. Every episode contains zero speaking, but rather makes the use of ambient natural sounds from the environment. Short text descriptions do appear on screen to guide the audience in what actions are being done. That being said, Primitive Technology only uploads an average of one video a month, but this single video is edited to perfection and packed full of entertaining and mesmerizing content.

The channel owner is called John Hunt who is from Far North Queensland Australia. He owns the land which he films the videos plus lives in a modern house. He has a Bachelor Of Science but instead of getting a regular job he mowed lawns for a living and practiced his hobby in the bush in his spare time. One of the homes he built was constructed out of bricks that he made himself using wood ash! Of course, building such a place from scratch did take time, and this particular project took him more than half a year to complete. The only home building that any of us will ever do will probably be in a virtual setting as part of some kind of gameplay.

Pegs were stuck into the wall to form a convenient rack to hold the stone axe off the ground when not in use. Later, pegs were added to support the fire sticks too. A bed was made by hammering in wooden stakes and lashing timber to the frame. Atherton oak nuts were then collected and eaten/stored in a pot. Latter, heavy rain fell testing the huts ability to shed rain. The hut stayed dry while the water flowed off the thatch and into the drainage trenches left over from digging the mud for the wall.

“I went to university and got a bachelor of science, but didn’t do anything with it,” Plant said via email. “Instead I mowed lawns for a living (self-employed) while doing Primitive Technology on the side as a hobby only.” I know if it were me and I was in the bush with no shirt or shoes I’d be all sorts of cut up.

I did more research and didn’t see anybody in Cambodia doing this,” he said. Channel produced by Australian John Plant, but a similar video created by an Indian national he says he’d stumbled across during his search for subject matter. We hoped that speaking to the couple would give us some insight into what is a remarkably opaque industry, and perhaps open a path to getting in touch with the people behind PTKH and similar channels. Agreed not just to an interview, but to allow us to visit their production facility to watch them film one of the many videos they produce each week. The May 2018 story concerned a husband and wife team behind a YouTube channel called Natural Life TV . The two were briefly arrested after being reported to Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment for allegedly cooking and eating animals on the country’s protected species list.

John never thought his hobby would make him famous worldwide. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in science and mowed people’s lawns for money, but the best was yet to come. The rest of us will simply be left trying to figure out what the hell is going on. The top videos on their main channel, NLTV, mostly focus on Polin, sometimes accompanied by other women, cooking and eating large game . The set was in the back of an expansive, well-kept property just meters from the shore of the Mekong.

Three handfuls of charcoal and 10 pellets were added at about 7 minute intervals totaling about 42 minutes. Charcoal was then continuously added after the last charge until the basket was empty. It took a total of about 3 hours working the blower until the operation ended. Eucalyptus wood was collected dead off the ground and stacked into a re-useable charcoal mound I had made previously. It took about 2 hours 30 minutes for fire to reach the air entries, at which time the holes were sealed and the top closed with mud.

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