Pokémon Sword & Shield: 10 Best Areas To Explore For Water-Types

Players should make sure to fish a few times in each new area they find, in order to discover what kind of Pokemon can be caught. In addition, fishing in the same spot repeatedly can increase the chance of encountering Brilliant or Rare Pokemon in Sword and Shield. For those players looking to expand their Water-type Pokemon or complete the Galar Pokedex, fishing is an essential activity in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Once players have successfully caught something in Pokemon Sword and Shield, they’ll go straight into a Pokemon encounter.

Ash, Brock, and May tried fishing from the lake, with Ash eventually hooking up a Crawdaunt. Ash attempted to battle the Crawdaunt with his Corphish, but the Ruffian Pokémon was soon defeated by its evolved form, which then proceeded to destroy the coney waffle ice cream group’s loaned fishing rods. As a result, he had unleashed his Crawdaunt to the lake to scare off the people who came to fish there. After being saved from drowning by a Dragonair living in the lake, Mr. Saridakis decided to cancel his plans.

I also got this thing; I had a screenshot but my Switch ate it. The funny thing about Dragon types like Axew is that, well, they’re rare. They’re very rare, always have been, and they and their moves tend to be very powerful. Like hell am I passing up the chance to have one on my team at this point in the game. However, it has a few glaring differences that demand a different approach. While it’s raining, the player has a high chance of visibly finding Seismitoad, Araquanid, and Golisopod.

In certain places, you’ll notice that there are fishing holes, which appear as darker areas in the water with a sparkle effect. Once you acquire more Gym Badges, you’ll start to see dens emitting strong purple pillars of light. Dens emitting this kind of light are more likely to house rare Pokémon.

There are still some particular areas players should know about if they want to find the best Water-type Pokémon. Instead of wandering around the large map, these locations will yield plenty of Pokémon that Water-types trainers are looking for. In the process, Goh caught himself a Goldeen and a Magikarp that he and Ash reeled in, respectively. They eventually managed to also reel in the mysterious Pokémon, which turned out to be a giant Magikarp, which Goh also succeeded in catching. The player is allowed to defeat, catch or simply run away from any encounters found this way without the chain breaking. The only ways to break the chain are by not reeling in any Pokémon or by exiting the area.