Pavel GTA 5 Characters Guide, Bio & Voice Actor

Originally comes to Los Santos to perform at the Music Locker, he quickly joins in on the criminal lifestyle. A friendly Russian sailor working for the Madrazo Cartel and, as of the Cayo Perico Heist, the Online protagonist. Vice President of Cheng Holdings, and younger sister of Tao.

Take him out, get the bike, and continue to ride towards the main exit. You will find another single guard just before two more guards ahead of him. When you enter the office, get the elevator keycard off the table and approach the wall with the pictures to the left of the fireplace.

If you want to complete a stealth Heist, which is by far the safest route when completing the Cayo Perico Heist by yourself, you’ll need to get the Cutting Torch. Feel free to look through other cameras to find optional rewards like cash, weapons, and more, or leave now to continue. You can cut left and find ovago reviews a boat to take to the other side of the island and get there a bit faster, or you can cut right and make your way through the island’s defenses on foot. After selecting the first leg of the Heist from the terminal, you’ll need to meet Dave and Keinemusik at the LSIA Private Terminal in southern Los Santos.

Another popular way to keep your player logged in is to use a popular AFK method. One of the easiest ways is to open the Nightclub garage door from the outside and wait on the menu screen. He will introduce the player to the Submarine’s primary features, explaining the plans and preparations formulated by Miguel Madrazo.

She recruits Lester and the Online protagonist to rob the Diamond Casino, not for the money, but for retribution against the Duggans for forcing the Chengs out. The final DJ to join Tony’s and the player’s newest LS club. Unfortunately she’s a bit of a hell-raiser, and the player along with Dave have to airlift her out of police custody. The legendary Bosnian DJ himself, invited by Tony Prince to DJ his and the player’s LS newest club. An IAA agent who’s recruited to help Avon save San Andreas from a regional war. The Online Protagonist’s personal executive assistant should they purchase an office.