Mini Lalaloopsy Dolls : Target

But it turns out the beautiful full skirt the doll is wearing, makes her rounded on the bottom. And while she can sit she tips over very easily. The dolls hand are very small and are not meant to hold or really interact with the accessories. G-Girl was disappointed that the doll couldn’t hold the flag in her hand, and that the flag didn’t peg in anywhere on the house. Overall, she was disappointed and disinterested, so I carefully packed it up and put it away.

I thought at first it was just a matter of G-Girl being clumsy, but I took a close look and the doll’s shoes have a slant to them. Even propped up against the corner in her house it is pretty much impossible to get her to remain standing. I told G-Girl to sit the doll down, thinking this was a safe bet.

She is a light brown-skinned doll with pale pink cheeks and black button eyes. I love the detailing with her button eyes and are fascinated with them. She has long blue hair worn shimmer and shine mermaid dolls in high pigtails held with white bows and wrap around curved fringe. The clothes are made of rubber with splits down the back which let the doll’s arms, legs and body fit in.

The 8-pack sets do not come with the dolls’ accessories that only come when they are purchased individually. Some minis do not have freckles painted on their faces, regardless if their large dolls do. Enter your City, State or Zip Code to view product availability and delivery/pickup options at a Build-A-Bear Workshop near you.

Shipping rates and delivery times vary by shipping option. I have seen them around in shops, so far it hasn’t caught T’s attention yet or any of her friends. I think you are right that she might be more interested if a few years older. They seem more cute to have than actually play with. Now, G-Girl is about 3 months shy of the suggested age of four and up. I am guessing however that an older child, one that likes to collect and display cute things, would really enjoy this set.