Mattel Cave Club Bashley and new Rockelle dolls

The leg warmers are plastic and look like blades of grass. If you look closely, you can see a row of beads bordering the top and bone-shaped buckles on the sides. The bottom layer is polka-dotted while the top is yellow with pink stripes.

Fernessa is a 2020 introduced all-around character. She is wild about studying plants, animals, and nature. Her pet is a baby Pterodactyl named Ptilly. We assure the authenticity & quality of our products . All toys are handpicked only upon checking the required certifications for quality and safety. I don’t know how her pet ties into the theme though, since members of the Pterodactylus genus were carnivorous.

Accessories are largely just pieces of plastic, though Tella’s accessory ties in with her storyline. It’s her telescope, and she can hold it…sort of. I have to jam it on her hand what are shopkins shoppies in order for her to hold it. These have slits in the back to make taking them on and off easier, but the plastic is pretty rigid so taking them on and off is tough anyway.

Ptilly – a baby pterodactyl who is the pet of Fernessa. Taggy – a prehistoric parrot who is the pet of Slate. Select the `Remember me on this computer` option if you wish to be automatically logged on to the computer in future.

In my opinion, that’s pretty good for a cute doll with decent articulation and fun accessories. Although the poor girl does have a slight case of rumpled, box hair, the quality feels decent. I just wish the color and style weren’t so outrageous. Flaire is bubblegum pink with teal eyebrows and a tuft of plastic, orange feathers on top of her head. This doll has some of the brightest hair I’ve ever seen! It’s hot, hot pink with a few yellow streaks at the top.

Her lips are bright pink, and her face is dotted with brown freckles (cute😍). She also has a symbol of some sort painted on her left cheek. This blog reviews and discusses dolls and toys that have caught my attention. You can use the search feature at the top of the page if you are looking for information on a specific type of doll. Haha, I’m a 80s kid too, and I did think about whether the neon overflow I’ve received back then has anything to do with me finding the neon-haired dolls less appearing. I might have subconsciously chosen these two characters because they were less day-glo.

Again, I kinda wish the pets (at least the non-dino ones) were a more realistic color. Still, I’m having a hard time not adoring this little cutie😍. Roaralai has sage green eyes and purple eyebrows.

Once that rubber band breaks or is removed the crystal won’t be staying in place. I’d have preferred something that matched Tella’s dress…or her belt, one or the other. I’m gonna step back into the modern day for this post, and review a not-so-new-anymore doll line that I’ve been wanting to review for awhile. Meet Tella and Rockelle, from the Cave Club. Take care not to confuse Rockelle with Raquelle.

If you must have one of these I recommend Fernessa, but that’s just my opinion! Roaralei is adorable too, and…heck, they’re all cute. Just keep an eye out for fragile accessories, and be gentle with those wrist joints. When I first saw this line, I thought they looked like Hairdorables meets The Flintstones . Unlike you, I do like the bright colors, they’re quite 80s, but the dolls aren’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very cute and I love the whole concept around it, it’s just that I’m not feeling very drawn to them.