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Installers appreciate their special Advantage size, too. Available in a wide array of stunning, color blends, their high profile and dimensional thickness will enhance the roofscape of any style of home. Performance you can trust to maximize protection against wind uplift, water penetration and other severe weather conditions.

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I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. To email your project to a friend, please fill in the fields below. RKO Construction, A Division of KC Crew, is your East Valley provider for all your general contracting needs.

The first step in selecting the right shingle is to pick a color that harmonizes with exterior elements, such as siding and trim. Whether you want your new roof to blend in or stand out among your home’s surroundings, IKO has a wide array of color options. Next, narrow your choices down to the actual type of shingle that best suits your schonbrun seplow climate and the architectural style of your home. TRI Alliance’s Tile Roofing Training and Certification Programs are designed to educate roofers and roofing professionals on code approved concrete and clay tile roofing installation methods. TRI offers manual certification training, free hands-on demonstrations, and educational videos.

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