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Clifford Stanley Miller and we are loving every minute with this sweet little guy. I have to admit, Jonny and I are both a little sleep deprived – haha. It has been so nice to have a furry friend in the house once again. We searched all over for a place that would also allow Stanley and it seems this is the only pumpkin patch that is also dog friendly. Well, we were so glad we stopped here because it was incredibly charming.

I signed in to create our card and was trying to think of our list from last year and was happily surprised that they had it saved. They offer free pre addressing, with the cutest lia.jakubowski design options. And you can even order personalized stamps or stamps that match your card (so easy!). We selected this designbut were torn because we love this one too.

Oh my goodness the whole thing is beyond ludicrous. Deborah, all the “what if” scenarios are possible but so is winning the lottery. Bloggers don’t have magic angel investors, esp if they put little effort into their content. Someone on Chinashop said maybe she gets groceries for $3 a month HA HA!

For some people, EFT can really help them, even if it doesn’t align meridians or whatever they say it does. This summer, I used EFT on a lot of my past sex abuse issues and no matter what it did or didn’t do physically, it definitely helped me be honest about a lot of my broken thought processes. Identifying the problem is half of the battle. Haha, I just had my first comment deleted off her site. All I said was that I agreed with about 4 other comments before mine that said the “Stop Complaining” post was a cop-out and they expressed sadness that she doesn’t post quality material anymore. I’ve been following her website since she advertised it on a livejournal community for people who live in melbourne in december 2006.

I used to adore it but it’s pretty much been unreadable since she got all up in the ‘o hay i’m lyke totally a celebrity’ thing. Thought you guys might like to ponder over this, from the comments box of a recent post on iCing… Wow, holy jeez- I hadn’t read the commenting policy until now. Still, while it’s nuts and ridiculous, I say, if you have a problem with it- boycott as others have suggested or find somewhere else to put forth dissent like here . I don’t think that having readership (as it is consensual; she is not an elected leader either) immediately implies responsibility on her behalf.

Is that she doesn’t acknowledge that she comes from a position of considerable privilege. She has marketed herself as a ‘self made’ woman who just decided on a whim to drop out of the rat race and make a living from her site. Would this have been possible if she had not been living with her (older, well-off) boyfriend who supported her at the beginning? Or if she had not come from a wealthy background?

I think I am pretty girly, pretty nerdy, and a typical girl! I chose “Miss” because I thought it would be easy to change to “Mrs” once I get married. I had a really hard time finding a blog name and finally went with this one, because if I didn’t take the plunge, then I never would. I struggled with a name FOREVER…I had been “trying” to start a site for about two years, but could never think of a good name.