Kachina Dolls Facts: Characteristics, History, Materials and More

The Hopi people were the first to make Kachina dolls as teaching tools to help young children learn about the Kachinas. During the planting season, men dress as Kachinas during special dances and ceremonies. At the end of these ceremonies, they give Kachina dolls to the children. Other tribes, including the Zuni and Pueblo peoples, carried on the tradition. Kachinas are spirits or personifications of things in the real world. These spirits are believed to visit the Hopi villages during the first half of the year.

However, all of the kachinas were killed when the Hopis were attacked and the kachinas’ souls returned to the underworld. Generally speaking, dolls with intricate carvings and decorations sell better than those without. That being said, antique kachina dolls are likely to have cracks and splits all over them. Kachina artists irobot i1 reviews now make dolls that bear little resemblance to kachina spirits. Cultural ceremonies are still held, but on weekends when people are less busy. The Kachina spirits live in the San Francisco Peaks and other mountains which surround the 3 Arizona mesas that are the ancestral home of the Hopi-shinumu, the Peaceful People.

The auction house reached out to the Levine estate to procur the doll. To test out a doll he designed to have realistic human proportions, Nickolay Lamm went to a group of second-graders in Pittsburgh. Families stuff a life-size male doll with memories of the outgoing year and dress him in their clothing. Collectible Toys From Antique to Contemporary Feel like a kid again with a collection of nostalgic antique and vintage toys. Deer – Symbolizing abundant food, the deer Kachina doll has a headdress with antlers. Sunface Kachina Doll – Represents warmth, shelter for the old, bright future, and playfulness for the young.

She has done her Masters in Clinical Research from Manipal University and PG Diploma in Journalism From Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. She has written numerous articles, blogs, travelogues, creative content, and short stories, which have been published in leading magazines, newspapers, and websites. She is fluent in four languages and likes to spend her spare time with family and friends. She loves to read, travel, cook, paint, and listen to music. Kachinas are believed to be spiritual beings by Hopi and Navajo. These dolls are given to children and are not meant for playing but are to be used as an educational tool for children.

Many times, Kachinas have been given to others as gifts for celebrations or accomplishments. We’ve included a list of events or people that the Kachina may be a good match for, but any Kachina is beautiful and can be appreciated as a gift to another or to one’s self. Corn Maiden – Purifies women who grind the corn for ceremonies. Identifying the meanings and values of different Kachina dolls might not be an easy task for everyone.

The local pantheon of kachinas varies from pueblo community to community. In the Pueblo cultures, kachina rites are practiced by the Hopi, Zuni, Hopi-Tewa, and certain Keresan tribes, as well as in most Pueblo tribes in New Mexico. You can now have your antique kachina doll appraised for an accurate value knowing that you have some idea of what similar dolls are selling for in today’s market. A visit to a museum’s collection specialist can help you determine how much your item is worth.