John Kuczwanski was killed in a traffic accident in Tallahassee Florida News

Those comments were made on a thread, posted by Florida Politics Publisher Peter Schorsch, announcing Kuczwanski’s death. Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws are very clear when it comes to people defending their property with guns. Unless the surveillance cameras and eyewitnesses tell a very different story than the one being reported, Kuczwanski’s death will fall under the Sunshine State’s very expansive view of self-defense. In fact, under Florida’s gun laws, if Kuczwanski did indeed shoot first, he would—had he survived—likely been able to make the same claim of self-defense.

I rolled up behind a Prius in downtown St. Pete last week. It had a Trump decal on the back of it. I know a conservative that drives a Tesla 3. I know dozens of “progressives” that own guns. Your generalizations and narratives are all false. You are as bad as those that follow the Orange Goblin.

Unfortunately his life ended just as tragically too. A 90 year old business partner shot him in the head after a threatening argument. The 90 year old said he wasnt taking deceased abuse any longer and it was totally worth it. He served 2 years of a life sentence before dying of old age himself. Lesson to be learned always keep your cool!

I am sorry she lost her hubs and the kids lost their dad. But twice he tried to kill that Prius driver. His ability to have a firearm should have been revoked back in 2014 when he pointed a handgun with a mounted laser at someone at an intersection because doing so is a felony. I don’t feel sorry for him or his family at all.

He made an emotional decision that cost him his life. I seriously doubt his political affiliation was on either of their minds in the heat of the moment. Progressives don’t carry guns and shoot people. You right-wingers can’t defend your unholy love for pistols. The natural Florida ppl came here for & immediately began to destroy was the product of DEMOCRATS.

I picture all of you as the type that are white but wear dreadlocks. The type that couldn’t pass my Engineering grad program, so you settled for a University of Phoenix Sociology diploma. I am talking about almost all of you, here. Sounds to me like this guy had a pattern, and it cost him his life. You hate the thought that people own guns, UNLESS the Prius driver is possibly a Progressive.

And frankly, this is unfair to the crazy weeb types, because a lot less people get stabbed with katanas than get shot by gun fuckers. I agree with you that gun classes teach all of what you’re saying above and more, but that doesn’t mean that the training takes hold in all the people who take it. A 60-year-old man shot and wounded an armed teen during a carjacking Thursday night in the city’s West Mount Airy section, police said. I will always support the 2A but at the same world finance gaffney sc time I will always support gun control, and now days it’s easier to get a gun than a drivers license. While the short report says, “For now, no charges have been filed in this case.” The LCSO is also conducting a full investigation to acquire as many witnesses and video footage as possible. “Arrest papers show a driver complained that a man in a red F150 pick up pointed a gun with a laser sight at him while the two were at the intersection of Thomasville and Bannerman Roads.

In fact, the late politician had a similar run-in for which he was arrested at the same intersection eight years ago. McLymore told WABC he was with his son in the city of Newburgh on Saturday afternoon when he slowed down to allow another vehicle to pass in front of him. This angered the driver behind him, he said. McLymore, who is Black, told the outlet the man yelled the N-word at him and his son.