If Youre Frustrated with Your Natural Hair, Do These 7 Things Before Perming It

Aura deserved my coffee after she rolled all my silly hairs onto these rollers. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. For this reason, we are sharing in this journalEverything counterpart of digital crossword You Need To Know About Perms To Help You Decide If It’s Right For You. Before running out and getting a perm, read this journal post to determine if this will be a good choice for you and your hair.

“Perms work on hair types ranging from straight to wavy,” says O’Connor. “The damp hair is then set in perm rods, and a waving solution is applied to set the hair in its new shape. To use, spray on wet or damp hair from your roots to your ends and use alongside a diffuser or heatless overnight curling method. This product works by nourishing and smoothing hair for bouncy, frizz-free curls and waves. The curl defining spray works for all hair types, reduces frizz and tangles, and creates a protective layer on your hair to prevent damage.

Hold the rolled up section flat against your scalp and secure it with a hairpin. If the sections are too thick, your hair pins will leave indentations in your hair. Towel dry your hair but ensure that you are gently squeezing excess water out of your hair rather than rubbing your hair with the towel.

Plus, since perming solutions contain potent and super strong chemicals, they could end up hurting your health too. Here are my favorite pointers on how to get curly hair without a perm. Dryness and damage can weigh your strands down, sapping its elasticity and preventing curls from bouncing back into shape. Getting rid of dry, damaged ends with regular trims helps ensure your curls stay fresh and healthy. Finger-comb a curl-defining foam into your strands to enhance your curl pattern and tame frizz.

It works wonders in keeping the style in form for long periods of time and does not disrupt it in spite of external factors on the hair. One thing I have realised using this is that you need to have large sections of the hair when you are styling it, else it gets dangerous for your hair as it could heat up quickly. This hairsetter has the ability to keep your hair styled for long periods of time without affecting the strands of your hair negatively. It gets rid of frizz super fast and allows your hair to form textures in seconds. To brief you further on what can be used on various styles, here are some alternatives to a hair perm that you can check out. So you might want to try these alternatives to hair perm before making a huge decision.

Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give your hair more body. While your hair is still damp, add a curl enhancing product or a mousse. If you want messy, tight curls, do not brush out your hair. Instead, toss your curls gently with your fingers until you get your desired look. If you want luxurious waves and volume, brush your curls out. Instead of covering your hair with relaxer, try covering it in a healthy, rejuvenating hair mask.

One by one, carefully unknot and unwind each piece of hair. Don’t pull too hard on your curls, as you don’t want to pull out any of their bounce. Start by taking down the curls by the nape of your neck and work upwards. Your hair is still malleable for the first few days after your perm, which makes it easier to transform them into the shape you want. And if you do choose to switch things up, we hope that the information we’ve gone over today helps make things simple and easy. Embrace bond-repairing technology – Like protein treatments, bond-repairing products improve the structural integrity of your hair.