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Unfortunately, your money is probably gone, sorry to say. You’re not dumb girl, they are really good scams and they got a lot of people. At least, now you know and won’t make that same mistake in the future. Another reader just posted a comment about the company you are referring to .

They go after everyone they can possibly find and send out a bot to comment on as many Instagram profiles as possible. They have made so much money off of the shipping price for so long. It’s truly sad and I’m glad that more people are becoming aware of this scam. Thanks for this post i got scammed from wellingonjewelry brand, i paid for the fee of shipping and i never got the product. I’d say avoid Wilmington as best you can. Yes, I too fell for it, but thankfully we both know what these scammers are up to now.

These ad scams prey on those who may be in dire financial straits by promising to repair credit card history or by promoting online classes as a way to access financial aid that they could apply for directly on their own. In many cases, these ads are merely a ruse to entice users to pay for bogus services or share their personally identifiable information. These offers claim to help users earn money by downloading applications that are either deceitful or questionable in nature, including a series of iMoney applications. For users of TikTok, it’s important to recognize that scammers are opportunistic individuals.

This is in the company’s best interest to establish reliability by fulfilling their orders, as it definitely will enable their webpages to stay on-line much longer and benefit from believability. One of the most reliable tactics to recognize if an internet store is a scam is to examine its reviews. adjust flashlight brightness android Hello, and thank you so much for putting this information out here!! I am going to post it on my instagram page as well @theejanellecharmaine shortly after my comment here. Hi I had received message too from Melissa Isaac in IG. She said I’m fit as the ambassador of Marcellouis Jewelry!

Ironically, one of the tasks includes downloading TikTok. An actual brand will not ask you to pay any money to advertise their products. They either give you free products or pay you money through a brand deal. It will also be easy to find information about the company and the founder. There will also be a lot of reviews or testimonials on the products.