How Weight Loss or Gain Affects the Look of Your Tattoos

For example, if a woman with a tattoo on her stomach or hips gets larger during her pregnancy, that tattoo will become stretched out and distorted. She specialises in scar cover up tattoos and breast cancer reconstruction tattoos as well as bespoke tattoo design. Younger skin has more elasticity and will therefore hold up better. The older you get the less likely your skin is to bounce back after major weight loss. The location of your tattoo is a major deciding factor in how well it will stand up to major weight loss.

It recovered well, however the tattoo lost its contrast and faded more than expected. The reason for infection was that client left the tattoo open all the time while he was moving around the city. If you got a tattoo on the side of your thigh after weight loss, it might shift to the back or front of your thigh. Another good place to get a tattoo is in the lower back.

Sometimes, rapid weight loss can result in faded tattoos. You can have your tattoo artist add some color and definition back into the tattoo, which will help it look more vibrant again. How much weight you are losing/How fast you are losing it. If you are only losing a small amount of weight, or you are losing red mountain weight loss menu weight over a long period in gradual intervals, the weight loss will not affect your tattoos that much. However, if you are trying to lose a lot of weight quickly, it is probably best to wait until afterward to get your tattoo. When you see how hard people work to lose weight, it’s always inspiring.

In most cases, nothing much changes and anything that might be is most likely only noticeable to you or a professional. Unlike a few decades ago when tattoos were seen as criminal or unsavory, today, inking your body is mostly accepted and seen as another form of expression or adornment. Ultimately, you should feel happy, healthy, and confident with your body, no matter your shape or weight. Getting a tattoo may not change your personal opinion of your body and losing weight for the wrong reasons can lead to putting the pounds back on again. Not all stretch marks are the same color, and the color can affect how well a tattoo will hide them.

If you have a tattoo on the side of your thigh and then lose a large amount of weight, the tattoo’s placement may shift. While losing weight for health reasons is fantastic and should definitely be done, you may be worried about what your tattoo may look like after your transformation. A meaningful quote – This is probably the safest option for most. Simple quotes such as ‘one step at a time’, ‘one inch at a time’, ‘mind over matter’, etc. could work as options for tattoos after weight loss. Licensing and Hygiene – While not all countries require these artists to have a license, some do.

Research on whether your country/state requires them to have one and go from there. Hygiene is also incredibly important – the shop/studio must be clean and disinfected at all times. The artists’ work area must also be clean and disinfected. Be sure to also see that the artist is using new needles, gloves, clean bandages, swabs, and razors when working on you. Remember that this process is one that involves needles and blood and many diseases – including HIV/AIDS can be passed through such.