How to Use TikTok: A Step-by-Step Guide

Plan, schedule, and automatically publish your social media posts with Later. Adding the video to the playlist is only possible if you have a playlist already created. Choose the playlist you want to add the video to or create a new one.

However, the much-anticipated gaming channel was not mentioned at the event. Instead, it focused on TikTok’s growing role as a hub of online gaming community activity, stressing the platform’s strengths as a potential gaming marketing channel. TikTok denied that it currently has any plans to introduce a gaming tab within the platform in a statement to Digiday after the event. Just like the other content in your favorites, the name and content of your collection will be private.

Did you know TikTok is the most engaging social media app with an average user session of almost 11 minutes? Now add to now thats funny gif the mix a staggering 1.2 billion monthly users. In place of the TikTok Discover page, TikTok has created a Friends tab.

TikTok also allows you to find your Facebook friends as well as your contacts who have already joined TikTok. You can find these options on the Find Friends page. TikTok Playlists are a great way to curate your TikTok videos for a more user-friendly viewing experience — which can help strengthen your niche and increase your video views. Once created, TikTok Playlists are available right beneath a user’s TikTok bio, making them super easy to find — perfect for driving traffic and boosting engagement.

After you create your video, the Post screen will have an option to Add to playlist. Choose the playlist you’d like to add your video to, then post it as usual. Because there are so many lens effects, TikTok makes it easy to find interesting effects in other people’s videos and save them to use on your own. If you watch a video that includes an effect, you should see the effect listed at the bottom right of the video. Tap it, and you can save the effect among your favorites. The 30-minute presentation included speakers from companies such as Electronic Arts, 2K and NetEase, all of whom seemed deeply enthusiastic about TikTok’s future in gaming.

Artists could show off more of their music and spread out engagement beyond any TikToks that may have gone viral. You can only make a Collection from videos you’ve Favorited. To do so, navigate to a video and tap the Bookmark icon on the right side of the screen. Once you’ve added a few videos, you can assemble them into a Collection. Creating several TikTok collection folders is a great way to organize videos you find on the platform though you can also try these other strategies. You can add and remove TikToks from collection folders at any time.

Go to the Profile tab at the bottom of the screen. Learn how to Stitch on TikTok and take advantage of the platform’s almost limitless opportunities for content creation and collaboration. Here are all the steps and tools you’ll need to make a viral-worthy first video on TikTok and make sure your debut is anything but cringe. Schedule posts, learn from analytics, and respond to comments all in one place.