How to Sleep with Curly Hair: 5 Tips and Tricks

Since the texture of the silk helps immensely when it comes to keeping your hair smooth and texturized, it’ll make your braids appear that much nicer in the morning. Also, you might as well make sure your hair is taken care of throughout the middle of the night while sleeping. So, throwing your hair up in a quick pony for the gym every once in a while is okay, but wet mop hair when you’re using the ponytail as your go-to hairstyle every day, it can become a problem. However, if you absolutely cannot go a day without your beloved pony or bun, don’t worry—your hair isn’t totally doomed. Try ditching your rubbery elastic bands for thick, fabric-coated hair ties, like Emi Jay’s Hair Ties ($11) for a secure hold that’s gentler on your hair.

Begin at the bottom of each braid and work your way up, using your fingers to unravel and detangle as much as possible. Spraying with braid spray, water-based conditioner, or leave-in conditioner can make this step easier. Don’t forget to spray your roots, but work the moisture along the length of the braids as well. Your hair doesn’t need to be soaking wet, but some dampness is good. This is one of the longer steps involved in taking out braids; if you can enlist some help, it’ll cut down on the time spent doing it. Although braiding your hair at night might be an easy fix for wavy hair the next day, there are a lot of truths to know before sleeping in braids.

Pin your buns into place with plenty of bobby pins, and in the morning, let down your hair and show off those waves. Let’s get down to it—is it bad to sleep with your hair wet? There are actually a few concerns people tend to have about sleeping on wet hair, so let’s dig into which are fact and which are fiction.

When you’re tired it is tempting to go to bed with your hair slightly damp but it is imperative you don’t. Your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, so take care to dry thoroughly to avoid tangling and matting. Wearing Long Hair Extensions While Sleeping Is Possible. The best way to wear long hair extensions at night is to braid them up and secure them. One of the best things to know about braiding your hair is that it’s easy to deconstruct in the morning so you can brush your hair.

Your first right side division is going to be one inch deep and run along the layer framing your face. Gather the strands together and create a tight small braid and coat with some mousse before securing it with an elastic hair tie. Now it is time to create mini pigtails each one of your divided sections should be one inch and formed into a pigtail. The key is to make sure that your sections are equal and that the pigtails are directly underneath each other.