How to Lighten Hair Without Bleach, According to Experts

It’s a combination of oxidants, which lighten your hair, with conditioning agents and other caring ingredients to help offset any damage. Using high lift dye, the ash tone present is going to help counteract the warmth while it lightens, but you may still have to tone separately afterwards if it still looks too brassy. With long hair like yours, the biggest problem can be unevenness, so the quicker and more consistently you apply dye, the better the results are going to be. Damage shouldn’t be a major problem because your hair is already close to blonde and you won’t need to lighten it too much. Leave a question in the comments below for tailored advice and share your insight with other readers.

It is possible to produce a varying amount of contrast between the bleached hair and the natural hair depending on the desired result. If your base color is brown and you want to become a light blond, the only solution is all-over bleach. It is the only technique that can lighten natural hair by up to 6 color tones or eliminate a previous color treatment before recoloring.

You can also go from brown hair to blonde without bleach to avoid any side effects. There are many alternative options to go from brown hair to blonde hair at home without any bleach. Remember that, oiling is an efficient way to protect your healthy hair. Every big salon or commercial product, pre shampoo mask prose claiming the dark to light hair transformation, has some intense chemicals or bleach in it. These intense chemicals may fetch the oil from your hair and leave them into dryness. So, it is better to have enough oil and proteins in your hair before using those commercial products.

For the small amount of lightening that’s left to be accomplished you’ll actually get less damage using bleach. As for the tone you aim for, match that to your skin tone and it will look more natural. IE, if you have a warm skin tone, choose darker shades and go for beige or golden blonde. I did the mistake of only using a hi lift shade UL-PA socolor from matrix thinking i would get ashy hair. Boy was i wrong and i wish i had seen this before! Is it safe to think that using blonde dye on black hair without using bleach or high lift, would produce the color light brown?

If applied to darker hair, it will still lighten properly but may not tone your hair sufficiently, necessitating the use of a separate toner afterward. This is like a less-damaging double process, and your hair can be toned using a mild semi or demi-permanent dye to further reduce the risk of damage. A one-step process for lightening your hair to blonde entails the use of permanent hair dye or high lift dye. Technically, both of these products are similar in what they are and how they work. High lift simply contains more ammonia and other added lift boosters that enable it to work more effectively .

When you apply blue on top of hair that contains too much yellow or gold tone, it looks blue to begin with as the dye is still intense. As it fades with washing though, the amount of blue tone in your hair decreases and the remaining blue blends with the yellow in your hair to look green. Apply that to your roots only and lift until it’s just slightly lighter than your lengths. You need it to be slightly lighter because toning will darken it slightly.