How to Dye Bleached Hair: Get Back to Your Natural Color

Start almost at the top and work your way down to the tips, but save the roots for last. The hair closest to your head is warmer, which will cause the dye to develop a little faster. Apply the dye using the applicator bottle or a bowl and brush. If your kit came with a bottle, you can mix the dye in that, then apply it directly to your hair.

The possibilities are endless… And so much fun to experiment with! Best part of all it’s low maintenance as there’s no need use me hair wave + curl cream to constantly recolor your hair. Otherwise, do not lighten beforehand and apply the dye to the underneath layer alone.

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You might think that purple shampoo is going to save your hair from discoloration. Whilst it probably won’t turn yellow, it will in fact turn muddy and green when used incorrectly, which is definitely worse. We then use this information to create custom hair products for your hair needs. We will also recommend supplementary products that will support your custom hair care. Stay on the safer side, and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and money in the long run.

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If you don’t follow up properly, your hair can end up dry and damaged. One great tip is to go for a trim within a week of bleaching your hair to seal up the ends. You should also be sure to alternate between conditioners and moisture and protein shampoos, while also waiting a couple of weeks before using purple shampoos . Blow dry your hair if you have achieved your desired color, and style.