How To Blow Dry Hair Without Damage Ultimate Guide

These brilliant 2-in-1 tools effectively style and dry your hair at once, combining the styling power of a round brush and the drying power hair dryer in one tool. Bristles detangle and smooth hair while heat dries it, and the result is voluminous, frizz-free shine in a single step. But there are a multitude of dryer brushes to choose from, each with its own unique features. Many people don’t like air drying because their hair dries frizzy. But occasionally skipping a blowout and letting your hair air dry can make a huge difference in keeping your strands smooth and healthy.

You can use whatever type of roller you like, but the larger the roller, the bigger and bouncier your curls will be. Work in your preferred leave-in conditioner, volumizing spray or mousse into your damp strands and comb it through to make sure it’s evenly distributed. Try to create at least two sections in the front and two in the back. Secure each one with a hair clip to keep it out of the way while you work on your blowout. You’ll want to start your blowout on the right foot by ensuring your hair is clean and thoroughly moisturized. To do that, shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

Work out any knots and tangles, and then nestle the round brush against your roots. The 90s blowout is a glamorous style that’s perfect for nearly every occasion. If you’re wondering how to get it, we’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ll provide detailed, step-by-step directions on how to achieve a perfect 90s blowout. The 90s are making a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier to see the 90s blowout come along for the ride. These products will protect your hair up to 450 degrees F.

In terms of the actual dryer, “When blow-drying curly hair, use an ionic dryer,” Abergel recommends. Don’t wait until your next salon appointment to enjoy a beautiful blowout! These tips and techniques will help you level-up your blow drying routine at home. The key to a great at-home blowout is taking the time to properly prep and section your hair BEFORE you turn on the dryer. Working with small sections of hair and using a brush to create tension saves time (since you’re not blow drying the same hair over and over) and leaves your hair sleek and glossy. But just grabbing a blow dryer and blasting heat at your hair won’t give you the sleek, voluminous results you crave!

You’ll be left with perfectly voluminous, bendy hair. Apply your favorite heat protectant to your hair and comb it through renderistic to make sure all of your strands are evenly coated. The blow drying process changes as per your hair type.

Now that all your hair is in rollers, it’s time to wait for everything to dry. You can either let your hair air dry for a few hours or use a blowdryer to speed up the process. Once your hair is no longer dripping wet, apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture and prepare your hair for heat styling. Comb it through to evenly distribute the product and get a head start on detangling your hair. To keep your hair straight, pull the hair with a round brush from root to tip while blow drying. Mastering the art of the at-home blowout is essential to looking and feeling your best, getting out the door on time, and keeping your hair healthy and beautiful.

As you may know, not all hairbrushes are equipped to handle the heat of a blow dryer. To get the smoothness and body you crave without damaging your hair, you’ll typically want something round or vented with heat-resistant bristles. Courtney likes the Olivia Garden NanoTheramic + Ion Round Thermal Brush for long hair, because it has such a large barrel. She says it helps easily dry and straighten large sections of hair, which makes styling and blow drying more efficient and seamless—something that can be tricky when you have long strands.

Even for ultra-sleek hair, your hair dryer should never actually touch your hair. Keep it at least one inch away from the hair’s surface, and avoid holding the dryer in one place for too long. Theresa Holland is a seasoned commerce writer with several years of experience covering cosmetics and beauty tools. Having finally learned some hacks for adding body to her fine hair, she’s tried a handful of products on this roundup.

Once you have finished with the shears and are happy with your blowout haircut, use some hair gel to spike the hair on top of your head to give it a neater, more polished look. You’ve got to lift your hair from the roots if you want some major volume, says Yepez. An easy way to do this is by flipping your hair upside down and brushing in the direction of the ground. You can do this with a brush, a wide-tooth comb, or your hands, she says.