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Don’t think they are traveling well to any of the other games in all sports. I’m wondering if the spelling of his name was intentional, since I’ve read rumors on other forums that he has been known to over-consume from time to time. Coog fans – what’s the deal with the bizzare 14 point opening line in the NTSU game?

Ok, we shouldn’t have lost by 33 – it was ugly and embarrassing BUT it was also not the end of the world. They were hitting 3’s early in the 1st half, then banging down low. Saw some TXST fans, and we were in good spirts. Obviously a big game and a chance for the Bobcats to make some noise on the national level tonight but going to be a tough one.

Feel free to submit your site to the directory. Find the best message boards for all 131 FBS teams! Use the menu on the right to jump to each conference. First, make your choices for Options 1 and 2 below, then click here to switch to the mobile layout. I have very little issue with our approach to scheduling for football and baseball, but basketball drives me crazy.

There is also ‘Stumblin’, and UH fans have a somewhat derogatory contortion of his name for the way he abruptly left the program a few years back. adelphi dorm rooms But yes there is an internet video supposedly showing him carried to his hotel room. Better bring your DirecTV dish if you want a variety of games.

His current CTC is Rs. 20 Lacs which he expects will grow at the rate of inflation over the next 30 years. He also is entitled to ESOPs in his company which is listed on the NSE. He is looking to build a retirement corpus which he will need when he reaches yrs.

What, if anything, do they bring to the party? Football attendance is embarrassing. UNT would bring far more potential than SMU, I say dump them. UNT brings north Fort Worth, Dallas and in between. So am I, but at my age just happy to remember anything since Alzheimer’s runs in the family. Some of you younger alums need to know many of us were also young at one time but that doesn’t last forever.

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I was intrigued by the UC poster called Wacobearcat. It appears he has been there since 2005. I actually know a few UC grads in Waco actually but I doubt any of them would be posters on their board. Interesting queries using James Howell’s database, such as head-to-head records and your team’s record vs. conferences. I have not done an extensive search for new forums in a couple of years.

I’m sure there are challenges getting decent teams to strahan for a variety of reasons but you can’t tell me it can’t at least be better than it’s been. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You will need to registerbefore you can post.