Fiji or Maldives? Which one to choose?

On the other hand, many Bora Bora beaches are private on motus, owned by the resorts that are located there — and therefore have to be paid for. The only public, and arguably most beautiful, beach on Bora Bora is called Matira Beach, but as such, it can get crowded, so make sure to arrive early to reserve your spot. Many of the great resorts of Bora Bora sit on their own motu and offer shuttle services to the main island.

Both the island nations are known for their breathtaking beauty and luxurious overwater villas. However, while Bora Bora has a more chic vibe with big resorts, Maldives is the ultimate deserted island experience which each resort being located on an individual island. Choosing between Bora Bora or Maldives for a honeymoon or a vacation depends on several factors. Located at the South Ari Atoll, the Nalaguraidhoo Island also known as Sun Island is a must-visit destination on your Maldives trip.

However, other than their stunning sun-kissed beaches and turquoise lagoons, these islands are very different. Bora Bora is a romantic destination filled with overwater bungalows. The island retreats of Bora Bora and Maldives are renowned for spellbinding beauty and immortalizing memories. It surely is hard to select as both of these paradisiacal lands make the heart skip a beat. The best way out is to explore both these places, one at a time.

As you can see, both of these destinations are amazing if you’re looking for a tropical vacation where you can chill on a beach. You also need a smaller spending budget in Fiji while enjoying similarly amazing beaches and resorts. With more international airports and direct flights, Fiji is fairly more drinking age iceland affordable to reach than Bora Bora. You should expect anywhere from an 8 to 11-hour flight if you’re coming from North America and about half of that if you’re flying from Australia or New Zealand. This should be enough time to enjoy all kinds of activities offered on the island before you’re bored.

Most of the time, unless you want to stop in Tahiti for a few days, we recommend The Maldives. If you want beaches comparable to those in Maldives and Seychelles but also want some sightseeing opportunities then Seychelles is a better option. Also, the Balinese are friendly people that love to help tourists. Consequentially, tourism has become Bali’s main revenue source. Visitors to Fiji and Seychelles are most commonly victimized by nonviolent crimes like hotel room theft or pickpocketing.