Farmhouse Style Plantation Shutters

If your home has a small porch or stoop, avoid large furniture. Choose a small planter or two hanging planters and add colorful plants. If you have a large porch or a veranda on your home, opt kitchen island natural wood for larger furniture, such as a bench seat, a porch swing, or a small café table and two chairs. Choose outdoor furniture made for porches and patios in the same color as the painted shutters.

Designers now apply orange, mint green, or sky blue to the shutters and achieve gorgeous results. Off-white wall and gray-blue window shutters provide a beautiful color combination. The main function of farmhouse shutters was to regulate temperature, whether it is the scorching summer heat or the blistering winter wind. Homeowners can purchase and install DIY exterior shutters without the assistance or expense of a contractor or builder.

Estate Millwork can ship our custom wooden shutters in natural, primed, painted or stained finishes. We can match national brand color numbers, pre-tint primers for light or dark finishes, and apply hand rubbed stain finished, even to the time consuming louvered shutters. We’re glad you asked because while no rule says you have to do this, matching the shutters to the front entry door contributes to the overall design of your home. On traditional home designs, such as Colonial, Victorian, Cape Cod, Mid-century, etc. matching the shutters and windows offers the best choice.

Once we finally got around to it, we stained and installed in less than 2 hours. Contact the shop to find out about available delivery options.

If you’re building a new home, consult with the architect and project manager on your decision. They can offer you insights into which shutter materials would work best for the home and what styles would best match the home’s style. For a traditional look that works well with any style of architecture, try gray shutters and white exterior paint. Muted tones like gray work effectively with any shutter type, too. Whether you choose traditional louvered shutters, roller-style ones, or hinged door shutters, this gray paint color complements them. This home in Italy uses brick red shutters with a white wall.

White, black, and bright colors, such as this blue, work best on louvered window shutters. When deciding on the type of shutters to use, consult with your architect. They’ll not only know what type would look best on your home, but which types the area’s climate recommends.

The only colors we haven’t seen on the shutters yet – pink and purple – will probably hit the stores soon. That’s because designers yearn for something that hasn’t yet been done. If you want to break new ground, you can have Behr custom-mixed paint for you.

The simple composition of board and batten shutters is easy to simulate. Two or three horizontal battens overlap and are adhered to multiple long vertical boards. Begin to build farmhouse shutters with adequately sized components. Some homeowners attempt to construct rustic board and batten shutters from skimpy 1×8, 1×6, or 1×4 lumber, which in reality only measure about 3/4 inch thick. Verify all boards are straight, and the combined width equals the desired shutter size.