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Maybe they should bring that back for a one-time exception in this case. Pink Gorilla, LLC is a retro and imported video game retailer with two locations in Seattle, Washington. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer considers it “Seattle’s best” among such retailers.

This is not at all the way we wanted to announce this. In fact, I promised Kelsey over and over again that I would not bring up the topic on stream, or do things that raised questions about our relationship status. Unfortunately, I continued to break that promise and have forced our hand here. Although I betrayed her trust in bringing this up so blatantly on stream, I did not by hanging with other women.

The suspect’s name, ID, and description were all captured, and they have video footage too. According to Cody, the perp was previously jailed for illegally manufacturing fentanyl–just to give you an idea of the type of person who would rob an indie games store. IRL Twitch streamer Cody ‘DSKoopa’ Spencer was stunned after discovering his Seattle-based video game store Pink Gorilla was broken into.

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The mascot uses the colors of pink and green, which are also used to decorate the retail locations. “I tried to spruce it up a little bit with a nice Legend of Zelda poster,” he joked, still clearly upset over what had transpired. Man if things ever get so bad I need to pick and choose who’s let in with a buzzer I’ll just retire. Once by some low level streamer (I can’t even remember his full name tbh).