Double Check Your Bowling Ball Specifications

Select manufacturers offer these lookup tools, and they can be a great resource if you’re trying to track down a specific ball. Following that announcement, additional information was provided to USBC causing the investigation to be reopened. 10,800 balls available, 1,200 will be the four special edition, re-released Ones, The One, Angular One, Infinite One and Big One. On all my balls that have the serial # worn off I always engrave a number on the ball. I do keep all the numbers of my balls in my Drilling Database so I can engrave the number right back on.

However, the credible first-hand accounts describing the potential for an unknown number of Purple Hammer balls to be produced out of specification in 2016 and 2017 is concerning. I have two of such balls, an Ebonite Galexie 300 purple swirl, and a Brunswick Mixer II in orange and black. I haven’t used mine yet , so any information about them would be appreciated. Balls that hook earlier on the lane providing more hook on oilier conditions or for bowlers with lower rev rates.

If you find a special edition One series ball, you will receive a FREE Real One. If your new bowling bag or bowling shoes are damaged due to normal use during the first year, we’ll replace your how do you say beef bag or shoes free of charge! Manufacturers’ warranties typically only cover defects and do not cover normal wear. With the Premium Protection Plan, we will immediately replace your gear.

Depending on the color scheme and the name of each color of the ball, you will find the color pallet as the backdrop of the logo image. This will then be followed by something that separates Storm from other ball manufacture brands, and that is going to be the fragrance name feature on that Storm ball. The rules regarding the serial numbers and names/logos on a ball, which can go missing over time do to resurfacing etc.

The approved ball list is updated weekly to allow manufacturers and bowlers know what balls are approved for use during USBC-certified competition. Now we’re going to breakdown the meaning of the serial number on the ball. The first two digits represent the year the ball was manufactured followed by the three letters of the SKU of the ball. This is the individual SKU for this ball and we can track this ball in our inventory. “A” represents January, “B” is February, “C” is March, and so on.

USBC has no such evidence and is unable to locate enough blank balls from 2016 and 2017 to conduct conclusive testing. This production change was fully compliant with USBC equipment specification requirements. That’s what it’s all about and Ebonite bowling balls make that happen. Make double sure that each bowling ball you bring to a tournament easily passes hardness specification limits of 75 on the Durometer device. In Accounting and operates as an Internal Auditor during the day, has been an enthusiastic bowler since she was a small kid. She’s passionate about the sport and has been a member of several bowling clubs.