Demon Slayer Sword Colors: All 13 Colors and Their Meaning

Even when the manifestation of his power wanted to unlock more of Ichigo’s potential, he did it by trying to get him to think about what he really wanted to protect. Basically, the longer you talk about Ichigo, the more the word “protect” starts to sound off. The color amber represents sound and is the color of The Sound Hashira.

They have left the Dimensional Infinity Fortress and have taken the fight to the surface. The remaining Demon Slayer corps drag the battle until Muzan faces the sunlight. It does look menacing, but Serpent Pillar Iguro Obanai wields a distinct Nichirin blade with a distinct purple color. Obanai’s sword looks like a Japanese katana from the handle to the guard.

Another theory relates the blackness of the sword to charcoal, and that Tanjiro used to work by selling charcoal to earn money. For new fans of the series, the Nichirin blades are special weapons used by the Demon Corps to defeat demons. The Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Crimson Ore make up these blades. These materials are exclusively found on Mount Yoko, where the sun shines all year round.

This is the sword one of the antagonists of the series thus yet, Kokushibo, wields. However, it is explained that “The Love Breathing” has a peculiar character, and was created by the Nichirin blade’s pink wielder Mitsuri Kanroki. The wind is the component of the Nichirin blade in green and Sanemi Shinazugawa is the person who uses the sword asDemon Slayer. The swords are made with sharp edges that resemble the predator’s teeth. Inosuke Hasibira is also using two swords simultaneously and both cannot only take out the demon but also make an unclean mess of it. The swords, however, Demon Slayer swords do come with a feature of temporary changing color in certain conditions.

There is a rumor that Black swordsmen like Tanjiro will die young, however, it’s rare to see such a scenario occur in the same way to the character. In the first episode of the series, we were introduced to monsters that instantly killed the Tanjiro family and made his sister into a demon. In fact, Sun Breathing is a breathing style only known by Tanjiro’s ancestors, who passed it down across generations.

With his sword, he can unleash tornadoes of sword slashes upon any demon unlucky enough to have him as an opponent. This blade represents the Serpent, the reason why Obanai Iguro’s sword resembles the body of a snake. The Serpent Breathing derived from the Water Breathing and the techniques resemble the movements of the animal it represents.

The other major demon slaying member of Tanjiro’s party is Inosuke Hashibara, who’s definitely the most reckless and roughest around the edges of the group. Inosuke operates with two blades that are a cool indigo-grey in color, in response to Inosuke’s beastly nature. Breath of the Beast is certainly appropriate for Inosuke and it meshes with the sleek nature of indigo-grey.

As initially stated, Tanjiro faces the double-edged sword territory that accompanies a black Nichirin blade. A black sword is considered to be a death sentence, but there’s also so little known about it that it’s likely that what does black sword mean in demon slayer Tanjiro will redefine what a black blade means. There’s a lot of speculation over how a black sword connects with Tanjiro’s Sun breathing style since black is the color that has the greater capacity to absorb sunlight.

Your definitive guide to what the colors represent and who wields each sword. English voice actor Zach Aguilar was overjoyed when being given the role of voicing Tanjiro in the dub due to him being a fan of the series, as well as noting he was supported by multiple fans. In another news, Aguilar ended liking the character as well as his fellow companions, wishing to find merchandising of Tanjiro. Clark admitted she became emotional during the recording of the series and liked the younger incarnation of the character. Destination for daily anime and manga news, providing daily anime latest news straight from Japan. Sanemi is the hot-blooded Hashira and using the wind Nichirin sword he can bring cyclone of fury to any demon he crosses.

Fans have wondered why Tanjiro is the only user with a black blade in Demon Slayer. Later, in the manga, it is revealed that Yoriichi too wielded a black Nichirin blade. The only two users who could perform techniques from the breath of the sun had black Nichirin blades.