Curls On Fleek: Beach Vacation Protective Styles

After you unravel your hair, flip your waves into a deep side part and gently scrunch your mid lengths and ends until it starts to fall naturally. Lauren says you can even use a teasing comb right at the roots to help get some extra volume in the back. Try straightening your natural hair and pulling it back into half-updo. To add a bit of volume, flip out the ends like Lupita N’yongo.

Personally i don’ t think that sea salt is that bad for hair. I find that it actually has great strengthening and anti-dandruff properties provided you have the right shampoo or conditioner at hand. Yes for those of us who do not have “dripdry” hair, zigs nation digital network swimming in ANY body of water can be a real pain! Beach Babe Natural Hair Styling Spray is a light hold product designed to achieve that textured, effortless look. With mineral-rich fine sea salt, volume is added with a natural matte finish.

He avoids brushing the hair and likes to give it a quick shake—and vóila, you’ve got a Kardashian-level hairstyle. Headwraps have been a part of natural hair care for centuries. Beninese musician Angélique Kidjo is known for her patterned headscarves. The significance of headscarves even holds a lot of weight in the United States. According to, National Park Service, in Louisiana, many Creole women used the tignon cloths to create elaborate headscarves and wraps.

You can even add your favorite leave-in conditioner to slather on your strands pre-swim. That was just my moisture regimen before I left the house. By the time I got off the train, rented my board and got to the beach, my hair was already somewhat dry. I used a leave-in conditioner spray and a spray oil to dampen my hair again (spray bottles are easier to apply on-the-go). I layered that with Ouidad Mongongo Curly Hair Treatment, which is my new obsession. The smell is reminiscent of a black hair salon and the formula protects strands from heat and UV Rays, it’s like sunscreen for the hair.

I wore one when I surfed in Costa Rica and Portugal, but consistently being in the water loosens the braids and shortens the longevity of the hairstyle. Whether you have short hair, medium hair or long hair, you can draw inspiration from this selection of the best natural hairstyles we’ve seen worn by your favorite celebrities. If you’re in the mood to create some art with your hair, you can opt for a more elaborate look or go for an easy and quick ‘do.

To give your hair even more volume, blast a thickening spray through your roots as the final step in your routine. To get that ultra-glossy look, mist a shine spray all over the head and allow it to gently fall on the hair. You can of course stop there, but if you want to kick it up a notch, take a few strands and squeeze them up while going in with a sculpting spray.

It should be noted though, a swim cap will not keep your hair 100% dry, but it does work as an extra layer of protection. But for a child, I would do natural twists, simple braids and nothing too heavy. This amazing curly twist hairstyle looks totally amazing. I think with this hairstyle it would need to be braided really good in order to last a week if you are in the water daily. This look is an easy and simple hairstyle do for the beach. The best option for me would be to do a protective hairstyle that has zero to low maintenance.

Be sure to apply conditioner or a moisturizer on your hair before you style it. Coconut oil is known to lock in moisture and create a barrier from hair drying out. When you apply this the night before a beach trip, you allow your strands enough time to soak in those moisture-rich and restorative nutrients. Once you’re finished clipping in the extensions, curl your hair away from your face with a one-inch curling wand. Jazzie suggests not leaving the hair on the wand for too long for a looser beach wave. To avoid too much heat, she also focuses the wand on the extensions rather than her own hair and only adds a slight bend to the ends to blend them into the longer pieces.