Classic Mini Brake Drum 7 Diameter

The shown “Quantity available” reflects the total quantity available from our multiple National warehouse locations, this indicates our national stock on hand and our ability to ship or transfer the product you require from our various warehouses . [ 2 The drum has 2 tapered holes which , on the actual mini car , are for screw locating points . Rear Upper Brake Shoe spring to suit Mini & Moke – all models. Help other Empowered Auto Parts users shop smarter by writing reviews for products you have purchased.

5″ INTERNAL DRUM BRAKE Black Anodized Aluminum Backing Plate Sturdy Arm Allows For 8 Positions Only 16 Ounces Total Weight Bonded Brake Shoes 5/8″ bore only 1-3/8″ wide this sturdy, lightweight, economical 5″ internal expanding brake may be… Azusa Mini-Hub riveted to a 4-1/2″ drum for use on a 3/4″ live axle. Ideal for small, low horsepower vehicles.

Goes from flexible brake hose to wheel cylinder. Solid brake line for Minis fitted with hydrolastic suspension. Suitable for front or rear brake shoe drums, usually used to make the rear wheel track width match the extra width that a front disc brake conversion creates. offers mini drum brake products. About 1% % of these are other auto brake parts, 1%% are brake drums, and 1%% are other truck brake systems. Classic Mini brake drums can be modified to fit the later Robins with the mini brake system .

OMB Warehouse stocks a large collection of mini bike drum brakes sourced from leading brands of assured quality and durability and as OEM replacement parts. As compared to disc brakes, mini bike band brakes and drums are called so because the brake components are housed in a round drum that rotates along with the wheel. When the brake pedal is pressed the shoes are forced against the wheels, slowing them down. Hydraulic fluid is used to transfer the movement of the brake pedal into the movement of the brake shoes.

The 1/2” rear wheel cylinder was used on the Clubman 1275GT plus European 1000s. Split pin to suit front drum brake CV nut and rear hub nut. Reconditioned rear radius arm with Back plate full assembly per side.

3/4″ wide. Sold in pairs. Check out our mini bike sprocket and drum for 6 in Astro rear wheel. Solid brake line for Minis fitted with twin leading shoe drum brakes. Does not suit Mini 850 with single leading shoe brakes.

One of our top products is the Azusa Mini bike 4″ Band Brake & 4″ Drum. The brake has one-piece bonded lining, a Steel brake pin with a cable hole included, 4″ diameter. Brake drum has two 2.875″ bolt circles drilled into it. Another is the Mini Bike columbus beer fest 2018 Brake Band & Drum with 60″ Cable with 4″ Brake Drum, 4-3/16″ Brake Band with Pin, and Heavy Duty 60″ Universal Cable. We also stock the Lined Brake Shoes for 4-1/2″ Brake Assembly as replacement lined brake shoes for the 4-1/2″ brake assembly.

Quality LPR brand widened brake drum with integral 1″ spacer. Suits rear of Morris Cooper S and Leyland Clubman GT, front and rear of Leyland Clubman ‘S’. If you require the standard drum searchf for part 21A22. Can be fitted all Mini and Moke… The 3/4” rear wheel cylinder is very common on classic Minis through the 1970s. For over 50 years, the Mini Sport team have been creating, sourcing and fitting Mini drum brakes, establishing a world-leading business in the process. No matter if you’re looking to restore the original look and feel of your Mini’s model or if you’d like to place a bespoke customisation upon it; we have everything you will need amongst our vast product range.