Checkerboi Project Bag Pattern Crochet Bag Pattern

Only 12 game pieces are needed to play the game. The extra 2 pieces are for ‘kinging’ someone. This checkerboard rug crochet project measures approximately 24 x 31” without the fringe.

Checkerboard stitch is a very common knitting pattern, so today we are going to show you how to do it with a crochet hook. Each “block” of the checkerboard is 12 stitches wide and 8 rows tall. If crocheting the checkers as well , you will need an additional skein of each color. If you are looking for a square pattern to make blankets, afghans, cushion covers and more this checkerboard granny square are great together. Included with the pattern is full video crochet tutorial demonstrating the mitered square and how to assemble the Afghan.

Written in US terms, the check pattern shawl is crocheted in aran/worsted yarn. The checkerboard beanie hat is a great introduction to this pattern. While rated as intermediate, if you’re an advanced beginner with some experience you should be able to follow the detailed instructions provided. The finished size of each placemat measures approximately 35cm/14in to 47cm/18in. More recently, I’ve seen Abby O’Brien wear the checker pattern in Series 5 of Chesapeake Shores.

You will repeat this process of single crocheting 5 stitches, inserting hook in 6th, and pulling up your alternate color to complete the 6th single crochet. You will do this a total of 8 times, and by the end of the row you will have a total of 48 sc. crochet for beginners set Alternating crochet stitches of double crochet and double crochet with chain spaces completes this checkered crochet pattern. The stitches used make it a good project for those just branching out into Tunisian crochet who want a little variety.

Pull your other color of yarn on top of the previous row and stitch over it with single crochets in the next 3 spots, crocheting through both loops. As you continue working your stitches the checkerboard pattern will take shape. Now each end when you swap over the color you’ll have a visible cross over. If this is avoidable I can’t figure it out so I’d suggest making sure your yarn crosses over on the same side of the fabric each time. This way you’ll have a perfect “pretty” side and one with the color changes visible on the edges. Additionally, having a soft game like this crochet checkerboard game means it’s super easy to take it anywhere.

The checker is a pattern of stripes with crossed horizontal and vertical lines which form squares. Typically the checker pattern contains two colours where a single checker is surrounded on all four sides by a checker of a different colour. All purchases help to support Crochet Spot and are greatly appreciated! Please log in or create a new account at the Crochet Spot Store to purchase this pattern.

Try using a different browser or disabling ad blockers. The following list has all the supplies and tools you’ll need to make this project. I am thinking you could do separate granny squares and connect them.

For a more pronounced checkerboard effect, feel free to change colors. This is why I also offer a nicely formatted large font PDF version of the pattern that can be purchased on Etsy or Ravelry. You can print the pattern and take it on the go with you or tuck it into your project bag. To start your next row of stitches chain twice .